Smart home – your invisible assistant

The “Smart home” system in any apartment or house will become an irreplaceable assistant. After all, in addition to managing home appliances, the system can also be used to control mechanical actions, such as closing or opening Windows.

Advantages of the system
Smart home can automatically control the indoor climate. The system independently corrects the humidity in the room, its cleanliness, as well as the temperature.
Smart home will help you minimize and control electricity, gas, and heat. So, in the absence of the owners of the house, the system puts the house in energy-saving mode, heating is reduced to a minimum. When the owners return, the house starts working in the established normal mode. Statistics show that when using the Smart home system, you can save up to 30% of electricity.
Smart home can protect your home from theft, fire, gas leaks, and many other adverse processes. For example, if there are strangers in the house, the system automatically turns on video recordings and sends signals to the control panel to the security company. The system also sends such signals in case of domestic disasters. In such cases, the smart home can not only send an appropriate signal about the trouble, but also take measures on its own, for example, to block the gas, pipeline, etc.
“Smart home” will also become an assistant in a home with children. So, if you need to leave your child alone in the house, the system has the function of blocking dangerous items and mechanisms for the baby.
The advantage of the system is its remote control. You can track what is happening in the house, as well as perform some actions while on the Internet. It is very convenient to be outside the house and see the situation of what is happening, for example, to monitor the children, the security of the room, etc.
You can manage your smart home from your computer or iPhone. The system is also equipped with a panel that displays smoke.
Basic set of functions
Control over the lighting;
Control of the indoor climate-control of ventilation, air conditioning, floor heaters, boilers;
Monitoring via video surveillance, as well as face recognition function;
Monitoring of emergency protection in case of domestic accidents;
Security control from unwanted “guests” – a signal to the security panel about the presence of an intruder, as well as the inclusion of light and noise measures on the fact of hacking and robbery;
Monitoring of debugging and recovery after disasters-water pumping, alarm activation, ventilation in case of smoke and gas pollution.

Due to the fact that all these functions are combined and connected in the basic package, you can significantly improve and protect your quality of life. In some cases, additional system functions can also be enabled.

Thus, a smart home is one of the most relevant and popular systems for keeping your home safe, warm, cozy and protected. Smart home-an indispensable assistant of the XXI century!