Alarm control with Smart home

The need for reliable security makes it necessary to install the Smart Home system for signaling. This intelligent management system will allow you to take the safety of your home to a new level.

Types of safety equipment

Equipment complexes vary by brand and quantity. The price of the Smart Home for the alarm system directly depends on it. The standard security kit performs two functions:

  • security – protects the perimeter from penetration;
  • fire – prevents the risk of fire in the room.

Consider these functions in more detail.

Fire Alarm Smart Home – includes sensors for smoke, open fire and temperature increase. These sensors are installed indoors and exchange signals with a distributed logic system. You can track the work from your smartphone or on the touchscreen panel. When a fire is threatened, the sensors inform the intelligent control system that sends alerts to the emergency services, the owners and starts ventilating the room.

Security alarm system Smart Home is a complex that includes video cameras that control the perimeter and the interior, and sensors of different types. They are triggered when crossing the borders of the object, opening windows and doors and movement. The sensitivity of the contours can be adjusted so that they do not react to the vibrations of the curtains under the action of the wind. Otherwise, false positives may occur.

Smart alarm according to the prescribed scenario when a foreign object is detected sends an alarm. This signal enters the service responsible for the protection of the house, and the owners. GSM Smart Home Alarm is working with the module from which the message arrives at the security console.

Order installation of a security system in our company

Experienced specialists will install a security alarm system and install video surveillance, and will automate security. We guarantee high quality and reliability of all work performed.

System Benefits

Sensors installed in different parts of the house provide complete control over the situation. The information content of the security and fire complex allows you to effectively and reliably protect your property. In addition, the comfort of life increases – with the help of the Smart House the gates will automatically open, the lighting around the house will turn on when someone leaves the room. And this is not all the capabilities of an intelligent security system.