Smart home step by step. Everything you need to know

04 September 2021

Many people who want to live more comfortably and increase energy efficiency and security, one day they think about planning their smart home. To get the most out of technology, you need to know the basic tips.

Smart home: Wireless or wired?

When you use single solutions — for example, electronic blinds or heating systems-a number of other options are implemented only through additional independent systems.

To combine and coordinate each element of home automation, you need to plan everything carefully. You can choose between a wireless network or a wired KNX.


This system is usually used before the installation of electrical wiring. It consists of several types of components:

  • sensors with commands;
  • mechanisms that perform them.

There is also an infrastructure that makes such components work.

KNX is a decentralized system. At the same time, any version of the server can become a central part of the installation.

In addition, it will be possible to integrate touch panels for automation and control of the system. It is enough to make 2-3 clicks to call up individual settings.

The control is also available in the app on a tablet or smartphone. The voice commands of the smart assistants Yandex Station and Amazon Alexa will help.

Smart home and smart devices in it

There are also wireless installations. Moreover, you need to know that due to certain frequencies, some parts of the devices are banned throughout Russia. But still, there are more than enough wireless options.

Any command can be transmitted via a wireless network. Therefore, there is no need to lay cables and adjust the space in the house for this.

For the future?

Wishes with a budget usually differ in their individuality. A smart home can be constantly expanded over time, this is not uncommon. For example, right now you only want to install lighting. In the future, there may be a desire to manage the climate, home theater and curtains. 

The smart home system is flexible. Therefore, it is necessary to lay a cable not only for the nearest installations, but also for the expansion of the system in the foreseeable future. If you install everything in stages, then it will cost much cheaper. A minimum of functions will be sufficient for the initial installation.

Employees of our company will create an automation project. They will calculate future extensions and install the necessary cables. We guarantee that in the future, due to the expansion of options, you will not need to break walls or additionally lay a cable.

Therefore, it will always be possible to create an initial project at quite attractive prices. Moreover, the functionality will not be lost in the future.

It is not difficult to build a cheap KNX smart home! Call Mimismart and talk to our consultants. Specialists will create a smart home project in all details. We work on KNX equipment. There are no impossible tasks for us. Therefore, you can safely contact us!


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