Smart home how to start designing

We recommend planning the installation of a smart home system in advance, as in other situations. It is necessary not only to think over the General concept, but also to focus on some nuances in more detail. Then users will not have to rush to buy equipment or solve other pressing problems. How do I plan the system?

Start of design

To create competent projects, it is enough to get accurate answers to just a few questions.

Who uses the smart home?

First, you need to determine who will use the system on a daily basis.

It is worth remembering that not every resident will be technically savvy to the right degree, this also applies to young people. You need to think about the location of most gadgets so that they do not cause discomfort to others. Some people find it convenient to use the old schemes of household appliances, lighting devices, and so on.

It is better to have a conversation with each potential user in advance. And ask about what is important to him in each case.

What are you planning to manage?

What are the goals of home automation? We need to think about routine actions that we would like to automate as much as possible. First they identify the problem, and then they look for a technical solution for it. The reverse order of actions will not give the desired result.

There are several usage scenarios that have become widespread in practice:

Alerts about how various sensors and systems work.
Access control for the internal content of the home.
Household electrical appliances with remote control.
Motorized pool awnings, pumps and water with remote control.
Automation for watering lawns and lawns.
Control of electrical systems connected to ventilation and heating.
Automated lighting.
Control of boilers or automatic water heaters.
Monitoring and managing energy consumption.
Curtains, blinds and Windows with the support of modern technologies.

And this is not all the scripts are available for smart home and control them.

How do you plan to organize the management?

Do I need to install a Central system with an additional screen? You can use a kind of unified network. Phone, switches, voice-you can now use any convenient option to control it. Don’t forget about the available budget options.

Phased plan

Even home automation requires the compilation of such a plan. This makes it easier to assess the scale of work and take into account all the stages that have become critical. Start with electrical wiring. If its wear and security leave much to be desired, then the smart home is postponed until the current problems are resolved.

The automation project requires careful thinking. After all, many systems assume the presence of additional elements for control or power. The prospect of expanding the smart home in the future is also taken into account. First they decide where they will put the devices, then they think about conducting electrical wiring.

Sometimes you can’t do without connecting to the so-called highway. It is necessary to hold a preliminary consultation with an electrician about this possibility.

The places where sensors and controllers and the actuator are installed are marked separately on the preliminary plan. Wireless versions are best placed in the center of the room when possible. And the more signal repeaters there are, the better. You need to know about the materials used and their features, the ability to jam the transmission of information. In this case, the arrangement of housing is simplified.