Design, installation and installation of a Smart home turnkey

You have decided to order a project of the Smart Home with us – then you will receive a turnkey Smart Home, in full accordance with your wishes.

Our specialists will create a project adapted to your home. They will install all the equipment and install the Smart Home. You have nothing to worry about – we are fully responsible for the house of your dreams.

How we work

First of all, our client receives the most detailed advice. We must understand:

  • what exactly are you waiting for?
  • what are its functions for you in priority;
  • how much work we have to do.

You will have a personal manager. His task is to accompany your project and advise. You can contact him at any time of the day – you can be sure that you are always ready to help.

The list of services and their price are negotiated during the consultation. The final estimate of the project is approved by you personally. You will not be wondering where your money is spent – everything is transparent!

Together with our specialists, you will think about how and where the individual blocks of the system will be placed. You yourself will be involved in creating your dream home. Our staff involved in designing a smart home will take into account all your wishes.

Experienced specialists will install the Smart Home in accordance with the project. You will be able to control the whole process. After installing the Smart Home system, you and the company representatives will accept the work. Make sure everything works as you planned!

With us – reliably!

The company SmartHouse has extensive experience working with intelligent home control systems. For fifteen years, our team of highly qualified specialists has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner, performing the most complex orders.

We ourselves develop software in the field of intelligent control systems. The quality of the equipment included in the MiMiSmart system created by our developers has been confirmed by a certificate according to UkrSEPRO standards.

Feedback from our customers confirms: our projects meet the highest Western quality standards.

We provide a guarantee for all types of company services.

All Inclusive

We provide comprehensive services, ranging from the design of the Smart Home system to the subsequent maintenance of the complex.

It’s profitable with us!

Ordering a smart home with us means getting tangible benefits. Where does it come from? It’s simple. Due to the integrated approach to the design and installation of the Smart Home system, the cost of installation work is reduced by 40%! Company policy is an individual approach to each specific situation.

Thanks to the installation of systems turnkey smart home you save.

Turnkey Smart Home

Engineering teams of your home will be simultaneously controlled using the touch panel. The manufacturer of this handy gadget – the world leader in the field of computer technology company Apple. Convenience and simplicity of work with the touchscreen panel will allow you to easily control all the processes included in the Smart Home system.

The designer of the infrastructure of the Smart Home implemented the principle of distributed logic in it. There is no single node responsible for the management of the complexes as a whole. This gives the complex greater reliability, as each individual node works in carrying out its task. In the event of a failure of any unit, the remainder will continue to work as usual, reporting on the situation.

To install the Smart Home system means to move to a qualitatively different level of comfort and security. Our company is ready to help you. We are responsible for the quality of work.