Irrigation automation with Smart home

The problem of caring for a lawn, garden or vegetable garden will easily be solved by irrigation automation.

In fact, the smart irrigation system will assume many functions, allowing the owners of the green area to enjoy communication with nature. What can smart watering?

  • Moisturizes the soil, nourishing the roots;
  • Manages irrigation independently;
  • According to the scenarios, it provides watering for various types of green space;
  • Will get rid of the purchase of additional irrigation equipment;
  • Allows you to optimize water consumption.
  • Saves a family budget.

If you need to care for plants in the house, you can submit a strictly specified amount of water.

There are various options for smart watering in the country.

With the help of a timer can be set irrigation time and its duration in each particular area. At the same time, sensitive sensors constantly monitor soil moisture indicators. When the optimal values ​​are reached, the program is corrected, which allows to significantly save water. Automation irrigation in the greenhouse is implemented on the same principle, using a timer and sensors. In the same way, the system will independently decide on canceling watering if it has started to rain.

Another achievement was the automation of drip irrigation. It will give the plants the opportunity to get water directly under the roots, while the weeds that appear will not receive a drop.

We are ready to give you the best

Specialists of our company are ready to help you in the care of plants in the house and in the garden. We will create a project according to your wishes, supply you with a reliable irrigation automation system in the country and guarantee the high quality of our services.

Smart watering in the country will give you the opportunity to create the ideal conditions for any type of plants planted on the site. In addition, substantial savings in water charges will be achieved, as water consumption will significantly decrease.

How to manage watering

Intelligent Smart Home System allows you to manage watering and monitor performance using a convenient touchscreen panel or smartphone. You will always easily find out how your green spaces feel, even being hundreds of kilometers away from home.