Lighting automation with Smart home

Lighting automation realizes the smart light system in your dream home. There are so many appliances in modern homes that there is not enough capacity to control them manually. This leads to wasteful power consumption. To solve the problems of comfort and economy, the control of the lighting system at home will not be tied to switches, but to sensors. These elements are built into the lighting system for the Smart Home.

Lighting automation capabilities

A complex of sensors placed in rooms responds to movement, opening and closing of doors, changes in illumination, including natural. In aggregate, smart lighting can implement countless scenarios that can be prescribed for each room separately. Here are some of the automation features of lighting systems:

  • turning on the light as soon as someone entered the room;
  • adjust light depending on the brightness of natural light;
  • Increasing the brightness of the light in the corridor when a signal is received when a moving object approaches;
  • turning on nightlights with reduced brightness, if someone got up at night.

Programmable switches are included as a separate lighting devices, and the whole group. They will create a comfortable environment, for example, when working with a computer, while reading, having a romantic dinner, or relaxing. With the help of lighting control in the Smart House, the same sensors give commands for opening and closing curtains and blinds.

All this is easily realizable, one has only to contact the company SmartHouse.

We offer to buy our Smart Light system

The company, having an extensive experience in the field of working with an intelligent home control system, offers its own software development. Our customers, who have been using our equipment for many years, are the best guarantee of reliability and quality.

Additional Features

With the help of smart lighting, you can prescribe a script to simulate presence. Lighting elements will light on and off, and curtains and blinds will close at certain hours and days. Thus you can effectively protect yourself from entering your absence.

How to control the lighting system

This is possible both from a smartphone and using the Apple touchscreen panel, which is easy to manage and has a huge range of options. Light control A smart home can be conducted both from home and remotely, even thousands of kilometers away.

By installing and automating lighting systems, significant energy savings are achieved.