Automation of security systems and security systems with the help of Smart home

In the intelligent home control system, the Smart Home system plays a leading role for security. These functions will allow you to always be calm for the life and health of loved ones, as well as for the safety of property.

To this end, our developers have integrated the Smart Home security system into the overall architecture. It solves two main tasks:

  • Control of the safe operation of the communications of the home.
  • Security features.

Control of utility networks

The Smart Home security system provides protection against water leakage and gas leaks and fire and security alarms.

In the house, in those places where the probability of water leakage is maximum, for example, in the bathroom or kitchen, water sensors are provided. When a signal is received about a spill, the sensor triggers to shut off the water supply, sends a message to the owner and the service organization about the accident.

The work of gas leakage sensors is similarly arranged. He constantly monitors the presence of impurities in the air. When receiving data on leakage, it simultaneously blocks the gas supply and sends a signal to the control panel, and from there comes the command to turn on the exhaust ventilation of the room. Notified host and emergency service.

Fire safety is realized by incorporating temperature and smoke sensors into the architecture of the security complex. The complex of these devices jointly monitors the situation in the house. Having fixed a fire or smoke in the room, the automation and fire control system of the fire protection blocks the supply of electricity and includes ventilation.
With these measures, the security of the smart home is under complete control.

Home Security

The security system of the Smart Home includes:

CCTV. The complex includes internal and external video cameras, recording movement. For them, a script of work in standby mode can be prescribed. This means that recording is made only when the camera captures movement.

Motion sensors and perimeter security, sensors for opening and closing windows and doors. Fixing movement or penetration, the signal will immediately go both to the owner and to the service responsible for guarding the house.

For additional insurance against unwanted penetration during the absence of the owners, there is a scenario of imitation of presence, when the light is turned on in the house according to one of the previously prescribed scenarios, and music plays.

The memory of the intelligent control complex is set up in such a way that it is possible to check the time and place from which each particular signal came.

Our company guarantees the best result

SmartHouse is a developer and manufacturer of software and components for a home control system. We guarantee the quality of all devices built into the security system and security of the Smart Home. We are ready to help you ensure complete protection of your home against any unwanted incidents.


Management of security and fire systems of the Smart Home can be conducted from the touchscreen panel and from a smartphone. This opportunity gives the owner the opportunity to quickly receive information and make the necessary changes to the settings.

You can be sure of your property, even if you leave the country. Security control Smart Home allows you to record, including on servers hosted abroad.

If there was a power outage, this is also not a reason for excitement. A smart security system will switch to battery backup power and will not allow even for a minute to leave your property without protection!

Your property will be under reliable protection with our Smart Home system.