Smart home-a set of equipment or something more

03 May 2021

According to research, the most demanding buyers of smart home elements are young careerists. All of them identify the three most important factors:

Optimized electrical energy consumption

At first glance, it may seem that a “smart” home is just a set of useful equipment. However, in fact, it is not necessary to consider each equipment separately. Together, the elements of a smart home form a balanced automated control system. A properly designed system can greatly simplify household chores and make living in the house more comfortable. A smart home can be a great alternative to a butler. The system will maintain the desired temperature in the rooms without the participation of the owner, run errands (turn on the kettle, TV, music center, turn off the light or make it dimmer, etc.).

Smart home as a security system

Security is one of the most important functions of a system that should never fail. Users of the “smart” home can not worry that they forgot to close the door or window before leaving the apartment. The system will take care of everything itself. Such engineering systems in the house, such as ventilation and heating, should be supplemented with special “smart” sensors that will constantly monitor the temperature and set the desired microclimate.

What can’t be called a “smart” home?

Some kits may include more than ten different components. However, sometimes all this can not be called a “smart” home. If all the equipment, or most of it is not connected in any way , it is just a set of convenient devices that can certainly simplify life, but at the same time bring some new difficulties. The most common of them is the problem of system management. The owner of intelligent technologies should relax and distract from the hassle that the equipment will now perform after its installation, and not puzzle over the management of elements or monitoring their operation.

Most often, the system detects its host using FaceID technology. This function is built into the tablet. The gadget uses a camera to scan the user’s facial features and determine whether he is the owner of the house or not. The virtual assistant will help you contact the guest who is standing at the door, even if the host is in another city or even country.

So, just adding a bunch of different smart equipment to an apartment isn’t enough. It is much more difficult to build a smart home system from scratch, so that all the elements in it are carefully balanced. It is likely that with the proper approach to design, the user will be able to save on the rejection of unnecessary equipment. It is better to spend all the saved funds on more necessary equipment that will organically complement the system, rather than overload it.