Manage your multimedia devices with Smart home

To achieve complete comfort, it is worth thinking about installing the Smart Home for Multimedia system. Thus, you can fully enjoy the peace when you tap a movie, video or a concert on the home theater screen with one touch of the control panel screen, listen to your favorite music that is broadcast on the radio or recorded on any media.

A smart home for the cinema will turn your home into a real cinema hall at any time.

The entire multimedia complex of the Smart Home – multiroom – is included in the overall system.

How multiroom works

Any source of video or audio signal located in the house transmits it to a multiroom, which distributes this signal in accordance with the prescribed scenario. It becomes absolutely unimportant that this source is remote from you. With the help of a convenient and easy-to-use touchscreen touch panel, you can remotely change the volume, switch channels, choose what you will watch or listen to. All the equipment can be collected in one place, for example, in a room where a home theater is installed.

Smart home multiroom will allow you to independently determine the volume of the broadcast in each individual room, choose the time and days of the week, record a certain program. The system stores a huge number of musical works and cinema tapes. Collections are distributed by genre, which allows you to quickly select the desired from an extensive collection. Everything is subordinated to a single goal – convenience.

In addition, using the multiroom system in a smart home, you can view photos from family archives, call home from the other end of the house. You will see who is calling your intercom. Listen to what the child is doing in his room, not even getting up from his seat.

Order multiroom in SmartHouse

The company is a developer and manufacturer of the Smart Home system. We have a huge experience and we know exactly how to ensure that our customers receive the level of comfort they have long dreamed of. The company guarantees the high quality of all the equipment supplied.

Multiroom benefits

The multiroom system saves you money. By installing high-quality equipment in the same room, you will eliminate the need to purchase expensive and bulky video and audio systems for each room separately. At the same time, all multimedia capabilities will be available to every family member.

Like all other components of the Smart Home, multiroom can be controlled, including remotely.