Control devices with Smart home

Very convenient to work in the system of Smart Home to control the air conditioner. This allows you to more effectively use it to create the ideal microclimate in the home.

It is also possible to register various scenarios of the Smart Home to control curtains, blinds, automatic gates, climate devices installed in the home.

How to create comfort with climate control

In manual mode, it is quite difficult to adjust all engineering systems at home that are responsible for the microclimate. Requires constant monitoring and reconfiguration. If the house has specialized rooms where it is necessary to strictly maintain certain parameters of the microclimate, then this intelligent system is an ideal option. With it, it is possible to easily create comfortable conditions in each separate room, using a smartphone or setting the desired values ​​on the touchscreen panel. It is convenient in the same way to control the set parameters.

In the future, the Smart Home will independently decide which heat source will be most effective and under which mode of operation. It will turn off the excess heating or start heating the “warm floor”. Will maintain a minimum temperature during the absence of the owners due to the transfer of radiators in the economy mode. In special rooms it will strictly maintain all the specified indicators.

Manage other devices

According to the scenario, the smart home can push the curtains on its own. Automation of the complex directs the opening and closing of the blinds, based on the brightness of the sunlight. Similarly, the Smart Home will close the roller blinds. Humidification, ventilation systems, radiators can also be built into the intelligent architecture.

We offer the best

SmartHouse specialists will help you to select and adjust the microclimate parameters in your home. They will tell you how to register the best scenario for managing curtains, blinds and roller blinds in the Smart Home. Our many years of experience in the implementation of intelligent home management solutions is the key to high quality services and system reliability.

The advantages of controlling devices with the help of the Smart Home

Automation of control and management of the microclimate, curtains, gates and other devices makes it possible to seriously save money and energy. And the sensors of the system will ensure complete safety when working with all electrical appliances in the house.