Automation of climate control with a Smart home

The smart climate is the embedding of appliances that provide comfortable weather in the house into a complex of logical control of the dwelling. Smart home for climate control is used both in apartments, there and in country houses. The complex includes air conditioning, ventilation system, radiators, heating boilers, underfloor heating, humidifiers, ionizers.

What can such a system:

  • Create different climate scenarios depending on the season, the ambient temperature, the purpose of the premises.
  • To monitor the temperature of devices built into the architecture of the Smart Home.
    Maintain constant climatic indicators in areas where strict control is required: basement, cellar, library.
  • Taking into account the assessment of the temperature outside the window, set the parameters for heating the heating radiators. Such indicators are set and monitored manually from a smartphone or on a panel created using the touchscreen technology.
  • In standalone mode, control the climate and heating of the Smart Home, choose the optimal mode of operation of heating devices depending on the time of day, connecting only the necessary devices.
  • Control the safe operation of the Smart Home climate control. Sensors respond to an emergency, and in the event of a malfunction, they will shut off automatically. It is possible to do this remotely. A notification will be sent to the owner’s smartphone.
  • Simplicity of control is achieved through the use of an easy-to-use touchscreen panel or using a program installed on a smartphone. This makes it possible to monitor indicators, including remotely.

Our offers

The company SmartHouse is ready to fully undertake the creation of the project according to your wishes, as well as the supply and installation of climate equipment.

Our experts will help to prescribe the necessary scenarios, and, if necessary, to further expand the functionality.

When you install the climate control system, Smart Home will be achieved significant savings of resources and, as a result – your money.