Automation of engineering systems

Automation and scheduling of engineering systems link together all components of the Smart Home.
You will always be sure: the property in the house is in complete safety, and loved ones are safe. Automation and scheduling of engineering systems of the building, in addition, will allow you to fully enjoy the rest and comfort.

What allows the automation of engineering systems Smart Home

  • climate control;
  • video monitoring and security functions;
  • control of utility networks;
  • electrical appliance management.

Creating a comfortable microclimate with the help of engineering systems of the Smart Home

Adjustment of all devices that are responsible for climatic indicators, rather laborious. But automation and engineering equipment scheduling is the best solution. Especially if there are such rooms in the dwelling that require a tighter microclimate.

All parameters are easily monitored using a touchscreen panel or a smartphone, on which a special application is installed. It is also possible to set certain indicators for specific premises.

Home Security

The complex includes video cameras that track movement inside and outside the building. It includes sensors for various purposes: movement, protection of the perimeter of the site, opening and closing of windows and doors of the dwelling. When fixing the movement or penetration, any sensor sends a message to the owner and the security service.

Control of utility networks

Everything is also provided by sensors and controllers. Sensors of water leakage and gas leakage reliably protect the house from utility accidents.

Electrical appliance management

In accordance with certain scenarios, the Smart Home operates automatic gates, blinds and curtains. Automation of management and scheduling of engineering systems will allow to integrate climatic devices into the overall architecture, to ensure the functioning of the pool.

We guarantee quality and reliability.

The SmartHouse company has been working in Ukraine for a long time, developing and installing intelligent complexes Smart Home. Our high-quality equipment and many years of experience will help to achieve the perfect result.

What gives the automation control devices

Automatic control of safety devices, air conditioning equipment, pool gates and other devices allows you to significantly save resources, and therefore your money.