“Smart” house or assistant of modernity

Today, a house with intelligence is not so rare. Every busy person takes it for granted to buy such a house in order to save their time. It is built on a special licensed base EIB using the following equipment:

– Touch sensors that track movement; gadgets for controlling light and temperature changes in a separate room and throughout the house as a whole, humidity control.

– Devices that execute commands. They can be synchronized with your gadgets and controlled with their help. Thus, to make coffee or start the washing machine, you only need to go to a special application on your mobile phone and specify the necessary action.

– Dimmers regulate the power of the electrical load in the power grid.

– Control modules. Used when you need to manage multiple items at the same time.

– Licensed system devices. These are special modules that ensure proper operation of the EIB network and include power supplies, repeaters and bus connectors.

In Europe and in Russia

An impressive percentage of experts in the CIS market for the construction of multifunctional houses believes that the goal of building such a house in European countries and in our country is fundamentally different. If abroad houses with such opportunities are built initially to save energy, in Russia they are preferred because of the prestige and fashion trends of new technologies. For energy saving and environmental protection, only a small percentage of the population chooses smart homes on the above-mentioned territory.

Important to know

The installation of a “smart” system should be thought about long before the start of construction of the house, as its installation is a rather long process. The person who is engaged in the installation of this system, first for about a month watching the life of all family members. This is necessary in order to learn the habits of the family and program the system in the most comfortable way for them.

After the work done, the specialist will provide you with a draft of your “smart” space for consideration. Its specifications will necessarily indicate all the necessary equipment for your comfortable life. This kind of project can be performed for both a private house and a city apartment. Even for a small apartment, you can come up with an “intelligent” project that allows you to automate the consumption of electric energy. Only after making all the desired edits and final approval of the project installers will be able to start their work. Next, experts in the field of IT – technologies will take up the case. Their job is to set up the equipment. The final stage is the introduction of the system. The Executive firm most often in the future is engaged in maintenance of the “smart” home system. If the company is engaged only in the installation of equipment-it is better to change the company-performer.

Installation cost

The cost of installing a smart home system can be different. It is completely dependent on the equipment used and its automation. Another price tag depends on the complexity and multitasking of the future system. If you want to implement “intelligence” in a large mansion-one question. And if you just want to save energy in a city apartment – this is a completely different amount of work and, accordingly, a different price.

By the way, minimum energy saving systems can be installed by any owner with hands from the right place. Instructions can be found both in specialized literature and on the Internet.