Smart home is convenient

10 November 2021

Smart Home: The new au pair

To date, technology has literally covered the whole world. A couple more years and our everyday life will turn into a Cyberpunk universe. Since 2010, when touch phones became popular everywhere, and the Internet was developed to huge amounts of information.

Now the most advanced technologies have already been invented, allowing you to transfer files regardless of its volume, call a person on the other side of the world via video communication and not only. Technology has come to the threshold when your home will be flooded with devices to provide you with benefits. Gadgets are increasingly making our lives easier and more convenient. Yesterday we were going to watch TV with the whole entrance, and today we can order food through a smartphone, unsubscribe to all our friends, call a taxi and much more. But everything became a sensation – a smart home.


There are a lot of technologies for caring about a person. But the Smart Home system allows you to monitor every device in your apartment. The main devices are:

  • Portable speakers;

  • Portable speakers;

  • Lighting;

  • Smart TV and much more.

A smart home is a system that is located in your apartment, helping “around the house”. A portable station with voice control has long been no news. Remember the Jarvis system in Tony Stark’s mansion? Smart speakers and voice control are already here. They turn on the necessary music or radio, can tell us a story or a bedtime story, notify us of upcoming events and simply serve as an interlocutor.

Popular Smasrt TV technology. It will provide you with a complete immersion in the universe of cinema. Spending the evening will be much more pleasant and convenient. Using voice control, you can name a movie and a whole catalog will appear on your screen. In addition, smart TV will prompt you movies with a high rating of views, as well as offer your favorite genre of movies and TV series. Who said that television is in the past?

CCTV cameras and alarm systems are loyal defenders of your property. By installing them, you can feel like a real spy. In addition, you can monitor your property from anywhere in the world.

Ventilation system and fans. At any time, you can use the “Ventilation” function and your apartment will not be stuffy.

Lighting and temperature controlled by special sensors are another device for our everyday use. This is a big saving of utility bills. You will never forget to turn off the lights again, and your property will not be heated while you are not at home. In case of prolonged absence, you can turn on the heating from a distance without worrying about freezing your house.

And this is not all the devices that are used now in civilization. According to the cost, the full equipment of the Smart Home system costs an average person 20 thousand rubles. Equipment replacement in case of breakdowns may occur on the day of the malfunction. There will not be much maintenance of the system. Weekly cleaning with cleaning of devices from dust will increase their working life.


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