Smart home is a new standard of comfort

Everyone, regardless of their condition or age, strives to make their home as comfortable as possible, cozy and modern at the same time. The “Smart home” system has made a big breakthrough in the evolution of home improvement.

Why do I need a Smart home?»

Every living space, whether it is an apartment, a private house or an office, contains various electronic devices. And these appliances include not only a washing machine, kettle or TV. This category includes such things as Underfloor heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electronic curtains, blinds or gates, surveillance and security systems. Each individual system has its own control, whether it is a remote control or a panel. And often, all these devices, instead of bringing comfort to human activity, on the contrary complicate it. Smart home allows you to combine all individual life support and comfort systems into a common network with a single control body, such as a smartphone or tablet.

What the system consists of

The entire smart home network can be divided into four components:

management body that accepts commands from a person;
a sensor system that reads ambient information such as temperature, light level, and so on;
a Central unit that processes all information and makes decisions;
electrical appliances that perform their task of providing comfort.

All these components are combined into a single unit using a wired or wireless network. Of course, wireless communication is much more convenient to install and manage.

What does a smart home do?

The smart home system performs tasks for monitoring all devices in a residential area. At the same time, it does not matter whether the residents are at home or away. The system independently turns off all energy consumers, such as lighting or water supply, controls the microclimate and heating. Well, also, if you “politely ask”, it will water all the plants and flowers in the house. And if something happens, he will immediately report it.

Upon returning from vacation or business trip, Smart home will prepare the apartment for the arrival of the household, so when you arrive home, you will find a warm, animated house that has prepared hot, flavorful coffee for everyone. In addition, the “Smart home” is able to simulate the life of residents. If you leave for a long time, you can program the system to simulate active activity to deter thieves and intruders. The house will automatically light up and turn off the light, you will hear footsteps, conversations and sounds of Pets. In addition, you can view what is happening in a particular room from anywhere in the world with your phone or laptop thanks to the presence of “smart” video surveillance.

Many people believe that “Smart home” is a technology of the distant future or luxury cottages. This is far from the case. This system can be equipped with absolutely anyone, even a small country house. At the same time, you can choose a system without high costs, but with a little less functionality. But any costs for a “smart” system will constantly prove to the owner that every ruble was not spent in vain.