Smart home installation in the country

We leave the city for the sake of communication with nature. Therefore, it is Smart Dacha – the dream of any gardener! It saves time and effort, giving the opportunity to simply relax in the fresh air or throw all the strength to create the original landscape design of the territory.

What is Smart Cottage for?

The Smart House for a summer residence is the complex, allowing to provide to plants in a garden and a kitchen garden the best care. Equipment Smart House for questioning includes a variety of automatic systems by which the plot of land will be transformed.

Automation problem:

  • Watering system;
  • Humidity control system.

Plants, first of all, need the correct watering. When installing Smart Cottage, the garden and garden will be freed from the hoses constantly getting tangled under their feet. Enough on the touchscreen panel or on the smartphone to set the time and duration of watering, and everything will work itself, without your further participation.

Installation in the country house Smart home humidity sensors will ensure that the ground was not too dry, but not too wet. If watering is planned, and precipitation has passed, these sensors will decide to cancel it.

With the help of the same touch panel, you can control the indicators of the soil, not going to the lawn. You can register specific irrigation scenarios.

The equipment for a smart cottage will be organically incorporated into its landscape, and you will not stumble on automation all the time.

If it is necessary, a complex for drip irrigation is established. This will make it possible to significantly save water and at the same time guarantee that the water has reached the very roots of the plants.

We will help you

Ordering a project in our company, you will get the desired result. Our experts will advise you, offer a turnkey solution, or develop a new project according to your wishes. If required, your personal manager will advise you further. All equipment of excellent quality, demonstrated high reliability and passed the necessary certification.

Cost of service

The price of equipment for giving Smart home may depend on several indicators. These are the options you chose for the functions of the complex, the composition of the equipment, the area of ​​the site. The exact calculation you will do in our company as soon as you contact us. Our long experience and consistent quality of work is a guarantee of success.

System smart cottage will be your best assistant in the garden, and you will not regret their choice.