Smart home – what it is, how much it costs and where it is used

04 September 2021

In a smart home, almost everything works automatically. For the control of lighting, ventilation, etc., human participation is not required. Below you will find out why such technologies are needed and how you can touch them.

About a smart home

How to characterize the smart home system? One of the best possible options: various devices and household appliances work independently and immediately respond to external circumstances. As a result, a person’s life improves, as various routine tasks are removed.

A resident of a smart home can configure all the devices separately for their comfort. It is also allowed to control all devices at once.

The system can:

  • show what is happening in the house;
  • monitor electricity consumption;
  • regulate water, air humidity and temperature;
  • adjust the light in the aquarium, replenish the supply of pet food;
  • restrict access to a laptop or TV, monitor when the child comes home;
  • warn about a fire;
  • prepare coffee and solve other household issues.

How much does it cost

There is definitely no answer. The number of gadgets and function options determines the final price.

As of September 2021, ready-made kits will cost from 50,000 to 300,000 UAH. Cheap options assume the presence of a maximum of 10 sensors. 

If desired, it will be possible to develop an individual automation project for the needs of a particular person. In this case, the cost will depend on the functions of the smart home and the size of the home.

Moreover, it is necessary to realize: there will be no robot vacuum cleaner or coffee maker in the finished set. Basically, we are talking about various small devices.

The Middle Kingdom is the birthplace of the smartest houses

For many years, China has been listed in the ranking of leading countries in terms of the number of high-tech projects in the real estate industry. Thousands of offices and institutions are stuffed with all sorts of sensors.

One of the brightest examples is the office of the Glumac Corporation. At first glance, this is the simplest building. In fact, the office is a room that has received the Living Building Challenge certification.

There is an air monitoring system inside. With its help, employees can see how toxic and humid the air is. To find out this data, a smartphone is enough. Inside the building, Glumac creates a healthy climate.

Eco-friendly Europe

In European countries, automation systems are primarily aimed at saving energy. For example, Deloitte operates in the Netherlands. In an ultra-modern office, employees live from the very morning with a special application. It can:

  • help to park the car;
  • check the schedule;
  • select a workplace;
  • adjust the lighting and temperature.

Smart homes in Ukraine

Our smart homes are mainly a set of household assistants. These are different devices designed to solve all kinds of tasks. And so far, a smart home in Ukraine is considered a sign of status.

And which automation system would you choose?


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