Smart home: what it is, how much it costs and where it is used

08 February 2022

The “smart home” system works in automatic mode, all household appliances, computer equipment, lighting, security system, heating, water supply and other systems are centrally controlled.

Types of control of household appliances

  1. A striking example of such work will be the timely inclusion of heating at the time of a cold snap, air conditioners that cool the room on hot days, curtains open and close depending on the lighting.
  2. These are the simplest examples. In case of strangers entering the house. The security system sends a message and a call to the phone of the security agency and immediately informs the owner of the house about the intrusion into private property.
  3. This system improves the quality of life, makes the management of household processes more modern, convenient, therefore, the quality of life of each owner of this system improves.
  4. The apartment owner can control the devices remotely using a smartphone or laptop. Some devices work in a common system, or you should set the functions and workflow for each device.

If all household appliances operate on the same network, then a device is installed in the apartment that coordinates the operation of all devices and controls them remotely. In the event that each device must be turned on separately, then control is carried out from a smartphone or laptop.

Functions of “smart home systems”

When connecting systems, smart home systems operate on the same network and automatically carry out:

  • air temperature adjustment, water heating, lighting switching on;
  • economical consumption of electricity and water;
  • for pets, the backlight in the aquarium turns on, bowls with water and food for other animals are filled;
  • demonstration of the apartment on the screen of a smartphone or laptop;
  • scheduled switching on and off of the TV, computer is carried out in order to limit the time spent on these devices for children;
  • the fire system is brought into an active state in the event of a fire;
  • the apartment is cleaned, the coffee maker is turned on at the set time.

Each owner of a “smart home system” chooses the functions necessary for his daily needs, according to his lifestyle.

The cost of “smart home systems”

Such devices have different costs, it depends on the number of sensors. Simple systems from $200 have about 10 sensors. Powerful systems for large premises, country houses, hotel complexes, companies can consist of dozens of sensors and their cost reaches $10,000.

Everyone chooses a system for their devices and it is worth considering the fact that devices such as a TV, a robot vacuum cleaner. Lighting, security system and other devices must work with sensors that will be connected to a common local system.

Most Western countries are already using smart home systems to control shopping malls, clinics, offices and other facilities. Many companies have transferred their work under automatic control.