Smart curtains

Progress and modernization have not been standing still for a long time. If we take for example the “smart home” system, it makes life much easier due to the fact that it takes on a huge number of functions around the house.

However, if you can’t buy a complete smart home system, you can buy its individual elements. For example, “smart curtains” – they will become an indispensable assistant and give sophistication and versatility to your room. Currently, they are in increasing demand and popularity.

Types of “smart curtains”

There are several types of curtains that depend on the mechanism and level of the cornice:

Lifting. These include French, Roman, and roll-up blinds-pleats;
Sliding. Japanese and classic panels. There are several variations of the mechanism, depending on the opening of the curtains.
They are also divided by style, color, and style.
In addition to curtains, the set also includes:
Tires. They are made mainly of aluminum or stainless steel.
Drive. The mechanism is enclosed in a separate case. Installed on the side of the product;
Remote control.

The main advantages of “smart curtains”

A fairly simple installation that does not require additional equipment and special skills.
Simple operation. By pressing one button, you can open and close the curtains. The remote also has other buttons that are responsible for functions such as temperature, lighting, etc.
Curtains are almost silent and do not cause any discomfort.
Thanks to the special manufacturing technology of curtains and high-quality materials, they will last a long time, without breakdowns and failures.
Curtains are individual, they will perfectly complement any interior and will not look bulky.
Curtains are equipped with a high degree of protection, it reliably protects from dust and dirt. In order to wash the curtains do not necessarily remove them, just walk with a slightly damp cloth. But, it is worth remembering that the curtains have a motor that must be protected from water, otherwise it can lead to a failure in the mechanism.

In addition to the main advantages, by installing additional sensors, you can adjust the temperature in the room, lighting, timer, and more.

How to manage smart curtains

There are three ways to manage these devices.

Using your smartphone, by installing a special app, you can remotely adjust and configure the necessary parameters.

Also, the control is carried out using a remote control, which is included with the curtains. All the necessary buttons are located on it, thanks to which you can easily open and close the curtains, adjust the lighting and set the main settings.

The remote is powered by batteries.

In addition, you can install a wall-mounted control panel and control it from there.

The curtains are equipped with an emergency shutdown system. in case of an obstacle on the ledge or a high load, the curtains will automatically stop and the engine will be turned off.