Smart sockets

Although the “smart home” system is in great demand, but due to the high price, not everyone can afford the whole system. However, there are separate devices that are responsible for specific actions.

One of these is “smart sockets”. They are designed to control and adjust the operation of household items. In addition, the device is completely safe and does not require special installation skills. “Smart sockets” perform all the same functions as normal ones. Its only difference is that you can control the entire process and independently configure the operation of devices.

Features of the “smart sockets»

The main features of this device include the following:

Monitoring and analysis of connected devices. Thanks to the remote control, users will receive detailed reports on the status of the device. Temperature, voltage, and more will all be under control. If a problem occurs, you will know about it immediately.
The main advantage of “smart sockets” is its remote control. You can manage the device from your mobile device.
Automatic switching off of devices. If there is a threat of a sudden power surge, short circuit, or other problems, the system will automatically turn off the device. This is very convenient and safe.
Timer for switching devices on and off. If you urgently need to leave, and the washing machine has not finished washing yet. Then you can set a timer and after the washing is finished, the device will automatically turn off. Alternatively, you can set a timer to turn on a specific device.
Installation and types of ” smart socket»

“Smart sockets” are divided into two types: built-in and outdoor.

External sockets do not require special installation and additional equipment. They are attached to the main outlet in the apartment using plug connectors. After that, the necessary functions are adjusted and the socket is ready for use.

Built-in sockets. They are installed as usual by mounting in the wall by connecting cables to the main power supply.

Sockets can be controlled using:

Radio-controlled remote control. It comes complete with an outlet and has several buttons for turning on, off and adjusting modes.
GSM control. The control device is carried out using messages.
Control via wi-fi. You can also install a mobile app with which the user gets access to all the options and functions of the “smart socket”.

There you can also get a detailed report on all your devices and adjust the operation of the system.

If there is a power failure, the socket will not stop working due to the spare power supply.

If a problem occurs, you will receive an email in the message or in the app stating that there was a power failure. The device itself is quite compact, it does not take up much space and will fit perfectly into any room interior. In addition, you can take it with you anywhere.