Smart lamps — reaching a new level

Smart Home automatic control and comfort systems are known to many who are interested in improving the operating conditions of home or office thermal and electrical equipment.

At the same time, the latest technologies allow you to remotely control not only lighting and heating devices, but also video equipment, air conditioners, alarms, and other security elements, including video surveillance cameras. One of the latest technical developments deserves special attention. This is a smart lamp.

Advantages and features of “smart” lamps

All that is known to many users of modern lighting equipment is the presence of standard control functions:

the power regulation of the luminous flux;
setting the frequency of switching on and off;
responding to the appearance of a person in the beam area using a motion sensor;
using your smartphone to send commands;
the program “voice assistant”, etc.

In reality, the possibilities of smart lamps are much wider. It is best to consider examples of the advantages of such equipment on the characteristic features of the models presented on the market.

Qualitative differences of the most popular “smart” lamps

Let’s look at the most popular types of lamps with the function of automatic execution of specified commands among connoisseurs of comfort:

QI Frame LED table lamp.

This compact lamp has a unique feature-a wireless charger for your smartphone. A convenient function allows you not only to recharge your gadget while relaxing in front of the TV or with a book in your hands, but also to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Its warm light has a positive effect on well-being.

Lamp with remote control system Ikea Tradfri.

The first model of a well-known Scandinavian company has a small number of automatic functions. But its unusual shape-in the style of the “grandfather” Edison lamp-is skillfully complemented by the Ikea Home program, which allows you to control the device from a smartphone or a portable dimmer.

Smart lamp HomeTree Dawn.

Here you can not only use the wireless charging of the gadget, but also listen to your favorite music while relaxing thanks to the built-in speaker with high-quality sound. Lovers of expensive elegant things, the manufacturer pleased with a stylish design, decorated with a special taste. You will also like the function of adjusting the light mode and the compactness of the product, which is conveniently placed both on the bedside table and on the table.

Ultra-modern lamp HomeTree Light Of the Tree Special Edition.

The leader among innovative models, this “smart” lamp not only can charge a smartphone, but also has a well-known Harman speaker system among music lovers. The purest, velvety sound of the melody, the pleasant atmosphere of the evening, a glass of your favorite wine – what else do you need for complete relaxation!

Would you like to buy such a smart lamp? Make a decision without any doubts.