Smart speakers what to choose and where to buy online

Modern technologies never cease to surprise their consumers. Each season opens the release of new gadgets with more advanced features. And now one of these gadgets has become smart speakers.

Smart column what is its secret

Among many portable devices, the “smart column” is becoming the most popular. Due to its capabilities, this device becomes an indispensable assistant and a very interesting media device for the user. This device was created on the basis of “voice intelligence”, so its use is almost the easiest and most accessible level.

Advantages of the “smart column”

It is worth noting that modern devices of this type, in addition to the “voice assistant” function, have a number of advantages that should be paid attention to when purchasing it.


the dimension of the column;
sync with other devices;
work with the Russian language;

Portability-this parameter has an advantage for active users of the gadget. As a rule, thanks to the capabilities of the” voice assistant ” built into the system, the user can quickly turn on your favorite music composition. At the same time, it can easily be located in a pocket or backpack.

Language recognition-as strange as it may sound, despite all the features of modern “smart speakers”, not all models easily recognize the Russian language. For more information about the availability of this feature, you need to study the device characteristics as much as possible before purchasing it. Yandex Station occupies a leading position on the Russian market. It is very easy to cope with the Russian language and gives the most accurate results.

Syncing is a very interesting parameter that raises the device data in the user rating to a higher level. Due to its functionality, this device must have fast data transfer and work not only in conjunction with a single gadget. Modern models of speakers allow you to connect to the smart home system.

Control-this function allows its owner to control the device not only by voice, but also by touching or pressing the control buttons. More expensive models of “smart speakers” are equipped with a touch screen, which is very original combined with the device.

Using this small list of features, you can determine what type of column you can purchase. Often, just like when buying any gadget, you should pay attention to the cost of the device. Less functional systems are much cheaper, but they are perfect for a permanent average static user.

Where to buy a smart column

Do not immediately after reading the article purposefully go to the nearest electronics store and buy this gadget. Thanks to the Internet industry, online stores are very popular.

Special attention should be paid to the Yandex Market service. This service contains the most popular gadgets such as “smart speakers”, among them there is a very affordable and diverse functionality”Yandex Station”.

Also, there are other similar online stores that offer a wide selection of these devices at a significantly low price. The most popular stores are “OZON”, “M. video” and “AMAZON”.

To embed a smart speaker in a Smart home, you need to contact MimiSystems specialists.