Smart Watch pros and cons

03 May 2021

Ordinary wristwatches accompany a person’s life for a long time, but some time ago it began to seem that they could be successfully replaced by just mobile phones: you can see the time there, and even with a high degree of accuracy. To maintain its popularity and place in the market, the watch had to “learn” to perform additional functions, and to do it faster than mobile devices and smartphones.

 So there was a smart watch, which is also called a smart watch. In addition to reading the current time, they can now receive or reject calls to a cell phone, send messages, control the player, store some files in memory, and serve as a navigator while driving on the road. The device can count the heart rate, the number of steps taken and the calories consumed. And all this – in a short time and with the maximum degree of availability.

The main advantages of a smart watch

To view your email, today you no longer need to go to the browser of a desktop computer or even a laptop. It is not necessary to look for a pay phone to make a call if you suddenly left your mobile phone at home. Finally, you do not need to go to the bank to pay bills-all these functions can be successfully taken over by a smartphone. But it also has its drawback – to perform all these functions, you need to spend time to get this device out of your pocket, purse, purse, etc. Smart watches can perform the same functions much faster: they are always on your hand. They also have other advantages:

many models of smart watches not only measure your heart rate, but also give advice on improving sleep, appetite, etc.;
they have the undeniable advantage of contactless payment when needed;
to get information, it is enough to glance at the display without attracting the attention of others;
models with voice control allow you to connect to a smart home system, – control lighting or heating.

A certain disadvantage of such models used to be their high energy consumption. But modern devices can function successfully without recharging for up to seven days, so they can be taken on long hikes to not only count steps, but also perform other familiar functions.

Relative disadvantages

They are also available. It is easy to guess that the small size of the display is convenient for displaying incoming information, but it is not very convenient for entering response messages.

The speech recognition device on the smart watch is a convenient function. But it does not always fully work, there may be failures.

At first, some users hoped that over time, smartwatches could displace mobile phones or even smartphones. However, while we can say that the smart watch is not yet able to completely replace these devices, and it is unlikely that this will ever happen. The small size of the display on the watch simply will not allow you to do this. And a wristwatch the size of a cell phone will lose its lightness and relative obscurity.

Another relative disadvantage of smartwatches is the measurement of heart rate. So far, these data are not absolutely accurate. But this flaw, unlike the previous one, will surely be corrected over time.