Smart glass is the technology of the future at your home

05 December 2021

Glass plays an important role in the organization of the living space of the house. Being part of the windows, they close us from the external environment, while ensuring the penetration of sunlight. But can we make the functionality of windows wider using new technologies? Yes, we can.

Smart home technologies are built on electrics and electronics. The introduction of semiconductors and special materials into glass can make its physical and technical properties more flexible, changeable, which will allow you to effectively manage its functions.

Smart glass — for a smart home

Scientists have developed materials with which it is possible to change the refraction of light in glass, to change the transparency. The introduction of such electrically conductive layers is the last word in the glass industry.

Electrically conductive layer in glass – smart glass as an architectural form

It works like this. Glass is formed not as a monolithic slab, but as a kind of “sandwich”, where a thin film of semiconductor or liquid crystal material is placed between two layers of ordinary transparent glass, which reacts to the supply of electric current, changing its transparency.

In the off-feed mode, the crystals become opaque, opaque. In this case, the glass dramatically reduces its transparency, the throughput is reduced by 80% of the light that falls on the glass.

But if you start applying current to the glass, then the glass becomes completely, 100% transparent.

Thus, a glass that stops letting in light can effectively hide what is happening behind it. Such features significantly expand the functionality of an ordinary window, making it a working element of the smart home system.

How can this be used?

The use of smart glass allows you to get such opportunities when designing a smart home or interior:

  • Glass acts as a kind of technological curtain. Windows located on the sunny side of the house and equipped with smart glass can effectively reduce the penetration of sunlight on a hot summer day. This not only increases the comfort in the room, but also reduces the cost of air conditioning;

  • With the help of smart glass, you can effectively hide what is happening in the house without using curtains and curtains. At the touch of a button, the homeowner can make the window completely light-tight, adding more intimacy to his house in order to clearly understand that no one is spying on him. This is especially true for houses located within the city;

  • Smart glass can be used as elements of the internal layout of the building. With it, you can effectively plan partitions that can be transparent or completely opaque at the right time.;

  • With the help of smart glass, you can make a shower stall or other room impenetrable to the eye, for the normal operation of which intimacy and concealment from prying eyes are required. This significantly improves the quality of life in the house.


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