Smart lighting-general characteristics and features

04 September 2021

Smart lighting systems are rightfully considered one of the most popular solutions: they allow you to reduce energy costs, as well as provide a high level of comfort (including through the remote light control function) and safety. We understand what the features and advantages of this technology are.

What is a smart lighting system?

So, the key characteristic of lighting in a smart home is the ability to control the light and control its operation through automated scripts or using voice. Moreover, the action of the system can be extended both to lighting devices installed inside the house and to those located outside.

There are two options for those who have decided to create a smart lighting system in their home: initially choose smart lighting devices or make ordinary devices smart (this is achieved by combining them with smart switches and sockets). Among the components of the system are:

  • controllers;
  • motion sensors;
  • the power unit (it is responsible for receiving and distributing commands);
  • remote controls and control panels;
  • dimmers designed to adjust the degree of illumination;
  • smart switches.

The presence of voice control allows you to make the use of the system as convenient as possible. In particular, you can control the lighting using virtual assistants: for example, Google Assistant and Alice will cope with this task.

Advantages and functionality of smart lighting

The choice in favor of a smart lighting system is made by both owners of large houses and those who live in urban apartments. In addition, now the systems are often installed in offices, public spaces and factories. Among the main advantages of the technology, it should be noted:

  • providing access to monitoring the operation of lighting devices, regardless of location (ideal for those who often worry about whether the lights or electrical appliances are turned off at home);
  • reducing the cost of paying for electricity (provided by reducing its consumption);
  • convenience and ease of operation (there are no difficulties in using the system, so all family members will cope with it without any problems).

Installing the system allows you to forget about searching for switches in the dark and about worries about the electrical appliances left at home turned on. Thanks to the automation of all processes, the owner of such a system can only test the emerging functions and, of course, enjoy the convenience of smart lighting.

What are the most popular features of the system? The most popular ones include switching on and off lighting devices by timer (the light will work at certain intervals), changing the brightness of the lighting with the help of dimmers and activating the automatic switching on of the light by means of motion sensors. In addition, an incredibly convenient function is the ability to create lighting scenarios: its essence lies in the fact that the program remembers the necessary combinations of lamps that are turned on together.

Thus, smart lighting is an incredibly convenient solution for both home and public spaces. It is also important that in addition to a high level of comfort, this technology provides significant savings on electricity payments.


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