Smart heating system for your home

05 August 2021

The Internet of Things is actively entering the life of a modern person. Today, many different “smart” things are produced, including systems for managing a “smart home”. Such systems allow their owner to remove from himself the performance of both routine and difficult household tasks, and to occupy his thoughts and hands with something more pleasant and useful.

Features of smart gas heating

Manufacturers of gas boilers intended for use in everyday life also keep up with the times and offer a wide range of equipment for the arrangement of a smart home heating system. Such equipment is able to automatically regulate the temperature in all rooms, maintaining it in a comfortable or preset range. Also, smart heating systems adapt to the environment, choosing the most energy-efficient mode of operation, monitor the operation of equipment and perform many other tasks.

Using modern controllers, the owner of a smart heating can:

  • manage the system and monitor its operation remotely (via the Internet, on a smartphone);
  • receive and store information about the operation of the equipment (keep statistics on gas consumption to optimize the parameters of the heating system).

Features and advantages of Condens 7000i W gas boilers

An excellent example of a modern gas boiler with intelligent control is the condensing gas boiler Condens 7000i W. This boiler meets all the advanced standards of efficiency and economy, and is also versatile: it is suitable for creating both simple and complex systems, including with heated floors, connecting several heating circuits and monitoring the preparation of hot water.

The boiler has an intuitive, simple interface, so its configuration is not difficult and happens quickly. It is enough to set the settings once and no longer interfere – the automation itself will take care of constantly maintaining the set heating indicators.

The Condens 7000i W boiler controller is compatible with weather-dependent and room regulators with an integrated EMS electronic bus, and is compatible with thermostats from Bosch. Thanks to them, the boiler can control the temperature inside the premises without human intervention and compare it with the temperature outside, as well as reduce gas consumption without reducing the temperature in the house.

The controller can determine whether someone is present at home. If the house is temporarily abandoned by all its inhabitants, the maintained temperature decreases to save gas and rises again by the time people return to the house. He learns this technique quite quickly, and allows him to significantly save fuel without losing comfort.

In the line of gas boilers Bosch Condens 7000i W there are 5 modifications that differ in power and the number of circuits (1 or 2). All of them are simple and easy to operate, look stylish and use condensation technology that allows you to save on gas and increase the efficiency of the boiler up to 108%.


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