Smart camera for Smart home

05 December 2021

Smart home systems are becoming increasingly common in our lives. If until recently the “smart home” was considered something fantastic, today many Russian companies offer a variety of options for the implementation of such technologies.

Significant support for these technologies has been the independent development of certain types of devices that can be easily integrated at the software level into the operation of a smart home. Being, in fact, universal, such devices are available to all developers and their implementation is not difficult.

For example: Alice speakers from Yandex can become part of voice control, and any smartphone can become the control point of the entire system, which is always at hand at the owner of the house.

The most important function that is successfully implemented in smart home systems is video surveillance. It is the ability to get a high-quality picture of what is happening on the territory at the right time that allows the owner of the house to manage the work of the entire system as efficiently and efficiently as possible. First of all, of course, we are talking about the security system.

Russian companies, contrary to popular opinion, are not outsiders in the supply of modern high-tech equipment. A good example of this is the smart camera from GEOZON, which effectively integrates into any smart home system.

Smart camera from GEOZON — a reasonable look at a smart home

The smart camera developed by GEOZON can be integrated into any smart home system or act as an independent device. The camera can be mounted on any surface, which makes its use very flexible.

Safety is above all

The smart camera, first of all, is designed to become the main element in the construction of a security circuit as part of the smart home system. The camera from GEOZON is able to solve such tasks:

  • To fix the very fact of movement, act as an effective motion sensor;

  • Give a signal to the owner of the house about entering the dwelling;

  • To fix the appearance of violators and send the image to the server, which can be located both in the system itself and on external sites. This significantly enhances the security system;

  • With the help of the camera, you can get information about what is happening in any room where it is installed at any time. This is very useful if there are small children in the house who need an eye and an eye.

Eyes for Home Management

Another function that the camera can solve is getting up-to-date information for effective management of life support systems at home.

For example, a camera can act as a motion sensor. If someone enters the room, the camera captures this fact, sends a signal to the lighting control system and the light turns on instantly in the room. And vice versa — if there is no activity recorded by the camera in the room for a long time— the system turns off the lighting so as not to waste resources in vain.

The camera from GEOZON is an excellent example of the implementation of a modern, innovative product by a Russian company.


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