Smart Twinkly Garland-Wonders in your home

The period of New Year’s Eve fun and Christmas holidays is a time of real magic and fairy tales. And wanting to match the holiday atmosphere, people decorate homes, buildings and offices with beautiful garlands. Modern technologies have brought with them a lot of interesting developments. One of them was a smart garland. It can not just shine and shimmer with colorful lights, like its “ancestors”, but also create whole color shows.

What are smart garlands?

To date, there are several options:

Garlands exclusively for the Christmas tree.
In the form of icicles (they are used to decorate windows or facades, and are also hung directly under the roof).
Garlands for decorating street sculptures and various surfaces.

Important! The use of Smart garlands is possible at different temperatures, but they will not tolerate extreme cold.

Different companies are engaged in the production of such goods. The most famous among them are Twinkly, Tuya Global Inc., Light Smart Led, etc.

What is the special feature of Twinkly smart garlands?

There are two types of such garlands:

Of the first generation. Such lights are able to work at temperatures from 0C to +40C.
Of the second generation. These garlands are more resistant to cold and can function in the range from-15C to +40C.

Twinkly is equipped with special intelligent RGB LEDs that can be controlled individually or all together. The latest devices are equipped with three types of such LEDs. They include: AWW Led, RGB Led and RGB+wled.

Most often, buyers prefer garlands consisting of 100-400 light bulbs (depending on the place that is planned to be decorated).

Twinkly Setup Features

You can control the garland by means of a small controller, which has a built-in Wi-Fi module. In order to select the script embedded in the program, you just need to click a couple of times on the button that is located on the controller. But to demonstrate all the features of the backlight, you need to install a special application on your mobile device. It will help you choose a color, adjust the brightness and provide the necessary speed and change of color shades. Moreover, you can make it so that the garland will be the same color or, on the contrary, will begin to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

Important! You can download the app in the AppStore or Google Play.

How do I connect my device to Wi-Fi?

The smart device is connected either to your home Wi-Fi network or to your smartphone. When the power is connected, the Twinkly controller will create its own kind of network, which will make it possible to control the garland without access to the Internet (however, physically a person will have to be close to the device itself). This option is ideal for decorating the infield.

How do I connect to my home network?

It is very simple to do this:

Click on the large button of the controller, holding it for a few seconds.
Wait until the indicator light turns a solid color. This indicates that the device is ready for pairing.
Go to the settings menu and find your home network, then enter your password.
Click on the “Connect” button.
If everything is done correctly, the indicator will change color to blue.

By setting the program of the garland, you can set the iridescence of shades, flashing lights in a certain sequence, shining in one color. You can even create a whole light show using different modes.