TOP Touch Switches from AliExpress

03 May 2021

10 Best Touch Switches from AliExpress

One of the most popular elements of the “smart” home system are lighting devices. The usual switches in the rooms can be replaced with wireless or touch switches. Such devices can be purchased on the official websites of manufacturers, in retail outlets, and on AliExpress. On the latter site, you can find decent models at an affordable price.

Below are the 10 best touch-type switches that can be purchased on the AliExpress website:

LIVOLO C702S-11,12,13
BSEED 1,2,3 OneWay
UBARO EC AC100-240

Touch-type switches can be either capacitive (reacting only to the user’s touch) or optical (voice control, cotton control, etc.).

BSEED 1,2,3 Way

This model has the shortest delivery time to the buyer. On average, the switch comes in 7-10 days after placing the order. The advantages of this touch switch include high quality and a sensor with high sensitivity. The disadvantages include the lack of a remote control and support for a wireless network.


Advantages of this model: programmable remote control, good case material and reasonable price. The disadvantages of the model include the fact that sometimes the remote control can slow down a little. Batteries for the remote control are not included. We’ll have to buy more separately. It is possible to install a switch for voice control of the switch.


This model features support for Wi-fi and 4G wireless networks. You can adjust the lighting power either by touching the panel or by using voice commands. You can also control the device from a pre-installed app on your smartphone (eWeLink). An important advantage of the model is that it works with other devices of the smart home system. A small disadvantage is the audible sound of the relay when starting and turning off the device. The device does not support 5G technology.


The switch does not have a remote control. This device is adapted to almost any light source. The touch panel is reliably protected by an additional layer. All elements except the panel are made of high-quality plastic. The disadvantages include the weak illumination of the indicator, which is not immediately noticeable in the dark.


This model is a favorite among similar contactless devices. The device responds to the movement of the hand at a distance of about 10 centimeters. Since you do not need to touch the panel, the device does not collect fingerprints. You can connect several light sources to the switch at once. The disadvantage is the need for a zero wire to connect the device.


The device supports working via Wi-fi and a mobile app on your smartphone. The panel is securely protected from moisture. Voice control is also present. However, it will not be possible to determine the state of the device remotely, since there is no feedback.


The model has a bright two-color indicator light. The panel’s sensitivity is high. There is no protection against moisture, so you will not be able to install the device in the bathroom. The remote control is missing.


The device is perfectly controlled via both an Android and iOS smartphone. To manage via Wi-fi, you need to connect your device and smartphone to the same network. The device works perfectly with other elements of the “smart” home. Instructions for the switch in English.

LIVOLO C7O2S-11/12/13/15

Lilovo is one of the most famous manufacturers of touch switches. The sensor is super-sensitive. Up to 8 switches can be connected to a single circuit and controlled remotely. It is not possible to combine touch and conventional switches into one circuit. In the last year, these switches have been delivered to customers without the company logo.


This model is distinguished by the presence of a bright indicator in the form of a ring. Control is performed both via a smartphone and via voice commands. There is a built-in timer and a Bluetooth module. The price is higher than the average in the market.