Theben thePixa KNX – Optical Presence sensor

06 October 2021

What is Theben thePixa KNX: Optical Presence Sensor

Theben ThePixa is a smart optical sensor designed to detect the movement of people or animals indoors. It is easy to use and can be installed directly on the ceiling or wall panels. This sensor has high reliability and accuracy, and also allows you to adjust the sensitivity and response time. This is achieved by changing the settings on the touch panel of the device. The sensor is able to detect movement from a person to a large animal weighing up to 60 kg. In case of motion detection, the sensor gives alarm signals either in the form of vibrations or by means of LED signals. At the same time, alarms are sent only to the control panel of the smart home, which is convenient for configuration.

Why do I need an optical sensor Theben thePixa KNX

Currently, there are many devices in the world that work through infrared sensors. They can turn on and off lights or air conditioning, but only when you or someone else is inside the room. At first glance, it seems very simple, but in fact, for all its simplicity, the infrared sensor has its drawbacks. For example, if someone is in the room while it is turned on, the sensor can work properly. Also, if there are people in the room who are not connected to the network, for example, working in a home workshop, they may also work incorrectly, because the sensor sees them as part of the network and turns on the lighting or air conditioning.

Unlike the IR sensor, ThePixa has the ability to detect the presence of people in the room, and is also able to determine who is in the room at a given time.

How to connect Theben thePixa KNX optical sensor

Connect a TECHNICS optical sensor with a “LANCELL” type cable to the KNX digital network. Make sure that the appliance is in standby mode before starting installation. When connecting, follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not connect the device to the mains if you are not sure that it is fully functional.
  • Connect the devices only to the appropriate sockets. Do not connect the socket to another socket and vice versa. Connections should not be made using wires included in the package or similar to them. To install the device, only the cables included in the package must be used. Otherwise, the quality of the connections may deteriorate.
  • Use “SILORC”, “FLOW” or “LINE” type cables. Using other cables may cause the device to malfunction.

Advantages of the Theben thePixa KNX optical sensor

Fast presence detection. The sensor has an LED and a button for scanning the detection zone.

The operating mode, which can be configured according to the user’s preferences.

Easy installation

The sensor is connected to the KNX. This can be done using terminals or a cable. No tools or knowledge are required for installation.


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