Modern gadgets for the home

03 March 2021

Today, any computer system “Smart Home”will help you make your home cozy and comfortable. This is expensive and requires a special approach and planning. A more economical option: using some useful gadgets for the home.

Household scales for the kitchen

Scales of this type help to find out the exact weight of the food consumed and do not allow a person to overeat. Modern gadgets in the smartphone help to manage the scales, remember their reference weight, calculate the weight and calories of the eaten product.


The pet feeder is equipped with a gadget that regulates the delivery of food by the hour in portions. This device is especially beneficial to those people who are forced to leave home for a long time. Modern feeders for animals and birds can be equipped with a video camera and controlled remotely via a smartphone.

Smart Light Bulb

A light bulb of this type is connected via a Wi-Fi system and controlled via a smartphone. The command is transmitted by the host to the device in remote mode. Modern models of light bulbs can be turned on at the command of a person’s voice and perform different commands:

Turn on and off at a certain time;
act as a night light;
work in several modes.

Smart sockets can be controlled via a smartphone or computer. They have a Wi-Fi function, through which commands are sent to the outlet:

Enabling or disabling devices;
operating in economy mode;
preventing equipment overheating;
equalization of power surges in the network.

Smart sockets can be used to connect any household appliances and equipment. The socket receives voice commands and executes them.

Trash can

The trash bucket is equipped with touch sensors that respond to the approach of a person. The lid of the bucket automatically rises when a hand approaches it. This design allows you to save a person’s energy on opening the bucket, will not allow bad odors to spread in the room.

Motion sensor

This device responds to any extraneous movement around the house. Sensors are installed on windows and doors, tracking any movement around the house. These devices are controlled from a distance and transmit the violation signal directly to the phone’s smartphone. There are three types of sensors:

For smoke;

Smoke devices react to any fire and smoke. They notify the owner of the apartment about the smoke by phone. Gas sensors signal a gas leak and transmit the signal to the owner’s smartphone. Devices for detecting water leaks have metal contacts. When moisture gets on them, they emit a loud signal and transmit it to the phone of the owner of the apartment.

Water pump

This device is designed for the use of water in large bottles. The pump has a special touch mechanism that is activated by the approach of the hand. A person only needs to bring a glass to the tap and the water will pour out of the tank itself.


An alarm clock with a gadget can wake a person up in several ways:

It exudes an unpleasant smell;
adjust the intensity of the backlight.

This is especially true in winter, when it is still dark in the morning. The alarm clock simulates a gentle, diffused light, from which the body wakes up.

These modern gadgets will allow a person not to worry about the safety of their property, to feel comfortable and cozy in their own home.