Smart Ring with NFC chip

03 May 2021

What is a smart ring with NFC chip?

At first glance, a ring with an NFC chip is no different from an ordinary ring. The difference lies precisely in the chip itself, which turns an ordinary accessory into a payment card. The rings are made of high-quality steel. This device is connected to a smartphone that also has a built-in NFC chip.

Most of all NFC rings are made in China. Some banks appreciated this device well and began to give it to their customers as a gift. To date, Alfa-Bank and Credit Bank of Moscow issue loans in the Russian Federation. The protective coating reliably protects the device from deformation and other mechanical damage.


Men’s rings are most often made in black, women’s rings in white or gray. The size of the devices varies from 5.4 cm to 7 cm (size 7-12, respectively). The place where the chip is located is visible to the naked eye (a small bulge). Some models require periodic recharging, while others can generate electricity to power themselves.

NFC rings can sync with phones on both the Android and iOS operating systems. The device can store information about only one device in its memory.

How the device works

Before you start using the ring, you need to install a special application on your smartphone to synchronize your phone and device. After launching the application, you need to do the following:

Click on the search button and wait for the app to find the NFC ring.
Next, click on the connect button
To better protect the owner’s personal data and bank accounts, we recommend installing a verification code to log in to the app
After successful synchronization, you can start using all the functionality of the ring. Usually, all functions are described in detail in the instructions for the device, which comes with the ring itself.
If you lose the ring, you should also contact the bank as soon as possible by phone or through the app and block the card that was linked to the device, otherwise there is a great risk of losing money.

The price for such devices is much lower than for a full-fledged smart watch. If the cheapest watch costs about 1500-2000 rubles, then an NFC ring can be purchased for 100 rubles, and sometimes even cheaper.

When paying with a smart ring, all information from the device to the cash register is transmitted in a securely protected encoding, which eliminates the possibility of interception of the user’s personal data by intruders.


The most important advantage of the device is its compactness. The accessory fits perfectly on the finger and does not require additional pockets from the user. To pay for the purchase, you just need to bring the ring to the cash terminal. This device can be used not only in stores for payment, but also in ATMs when depositing cash to the account or withdrawing it (provided that the ATM supports NFC systems).