Smart home system in a private house

04 September 2021

Modern technologies allow you to make any house as convenient as possible for its owner. Today, many different functions are available, but not all of them are in demand. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular ones.

Climate control

With the help of local control of the air and floor temperature, you can ensure a comfortable atmosphere in the house. The feature of the function is that you can separately adjust the floor temperature and the main heat level in the room. These are separate adjustments that do not affect each other.

The system assumes several configuration options. First of all, this is the ability to use the thermostat, which is displayed on the panel and has a Wi-Fi module. Thus, you can connect to it from your phone and remotely monitor the temperature throughout the house. This system is convenient to use at any time of the year.

Automatic curtain opening

Owners of a modern and large house often face difficulties. It is necessary to close and open the curtains in all rooms every time, and if the building has two floors, the task becomes much more complicated.

In this case, there is an excellent solution from the “smart home” system. It is enough just to use the automatic curtain opening function, which will be triggered in accordance with the set settings. For example, by the light sensor and arrival.


The security system assumes the ability to reliably block all openings and points of possible unauthorized entry:

  • Entrance doors.
  • Window openings.
  • Window openings.
  • Garage door.
  • Emergency exit.

In case of leaving, you can completely block the house and not worry about the safety of the property. It is also possible to put the premises under protection without the risk of accidental triggering of the alarm.

Smart Light

The smart light system includes a single controller that remotely controls lighting scenarios throughout the house. For example, if you wish, you can configure the simultaneous inclusion of background lighting and the opening of curtains, as well as complement everything with the sound of music.

It is recommended to provide pass-through switches in a large room, lighting of the floor or stairs and dimmed light in the bathroom at night. It is only necessary to spend time on the settings once and you can use all the amenities of such a function. In addition, the “turn off everything” option will not leave anyone indifferent, since it is an opportunity to turn off absolutely all light groups in the house with one click when you leave.

Seamless Wi-Fi

In many country houses there are problems with the Internet, since one installed router is not able to cover the entire site completely. Some users purchase several devices, but it is also very inconvenient.

In this case, seamless Wi-Fi comes to the rescue, providing a strong and stable signal simultaneously throughout the house. It is recommended to check the cellular signal level before construction and, if necessary, set the gain.


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