Make a “smart home” for yourself

04 September 2021

A few years ago, the “smart home” could only be seen in movies, now everyone can connect home appliances to the Wi-Fi module and control all household appliances remotely.

How the smart home system works

It is easier, of course, to purchase a ready-made smart home system and install it in the house, but if there is no such possibility, then you can independently select the necessary components and assemble the entire system:

  • this will require a special server,
  • the next element of the smart home system is the remote control modules. These devices are manufactured by Sonoff, currently these are the most popular modules,
  • sensors, relays,
  • Internet,
  • smartphone or remote control.

The technical equipment of the modules is a relay, with its help, the door lock, air temperature, humidity and water sensors, light switches, blinds with a motor and other devices are switched on and off.

The process of turning on and off devices can be carried out using a mobile application on a smartphone, as well as such modules work with a remote control. Information to the device is transmitted via Wi-Fi, there are models that work via the Internet, an option with the timer on is possible.

How to build a smart home system

Several modules are required to connect all devices or devices:

  1. A temperature controller module can be connected to the smart home system, such a module can regulate the temperature in the house, the degree of water heating, underfloor heating.
  2. A special module for blinds with an engine, you can open and close garage doors, blinds on windows remotely.
  3. Door locks with touch control, open and close the door is now available via Bluetooth.
  4. The module is a sensor that measures the water temperature.
  5. The modern Broadlink RM Mini 3 device works as a remote control, you can control the air conditioner, TV, subwoofer.
  6. Light switches that work on touch control.

How many devices can be connected

You can connect all the devices that are in the house to this system, this requires Wi-Fi and control modules. At the same time, all these devices should be connected to one server, from which it will be possible to configure and control all sensors, relays and modules.

It is the server that will combine all modules, devices, sensors and turn them on and off via an application from a smartphone, the command will be transmitted via Wi-Fi.

In the finished version, Xiaomi offers smart home systems that include various modules, sensors.

Increased comfort for women

These are special mirrors with illumination, powered by a battery, during operation you can use 3 illumination modes, change the brightness of the lighting.

A sensor that regulates the temperature and humidity in the room will help to ensure a comfortable temperature and humidity in the apartment.

Everyone can choose a set of devices, modules, sensors and devices according to their preferences.


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