The most interesting thing from the world of smart homes

Smart home is a software that has a clear interface and allows you to manage your home. For example, turn on the device, set an alarm, and so on.

This system is installed not only in homes or apartments. Many offices and warehouses use this SOFTWARE to manage all engineering systems. It is proved that “smart home” increases the efficiency of employees. After all, people spend an average of 8-10 hours a day at work. The employer tries to create comfortable conditions for employees to be more loyal and not be lazy in the workplace as a sign of gratitude.

The smart home system can be installed with the most minimal set, which will be affordable for almost any working person. But there are also quite advanced options. For example, the system can know how much sugar to put in Your coffee or what temperature the water in the bathroom or Jacuzzi should be when you arrive.

Rating of the most “smart” homes and buildings in the world
In 1989, a Professor from Japan built a house and developed the TRON system, which allowed you to close the Windows if it rained, made the audio system quieter if the phone rang, and more. For those times, even in Japan, it was a revolutionary decision.
The most expensive “smart” home is considered to be the property of bill gates. The building has four floors above ground and the same number below ground. Without the participation of people, cleaning of premises, garden maintenance and much more is carried out.
The Sony office in Tokyo has a system that softens the microclimate like a forest or lake and extends this effect not only in the building, but also for several blocks around.
For employees of Deloitte in Amsterdam, a special application allows you to create maximum comfort in the workplace: it helps you Park, checks and adjusts the temperature in the office, checks the schedule, and shows all the necessary data.
The moving al-Bahar towers in Abu Dhabi deserve special attention. Engineers have come up with an unusual system that allows you to escape from the heat. The facade is covered with special elements that open and close depending on the lighting. Thus, favorable climate conditions are created for employees, and energy costs are significantly reduced.

And this is not the whole list of interesting and unusual houses and buildings.

A little more about “smart” systems

Using special software, you can use the same room for different purposes. One Bank building has a room that, if necessary, turns into a room for business meetings and on the same day for informal communication.

Companies now offer smart homes with more than 500 features. You can set almost any scenario for climate conditions, home appliances, electronics, and much more. The simplest set of systems will cost several thousand per square meter, and then the price increases depending on the needs and desires of the customer.