Robot for cleaning windows from Xiaomi

13 January 2022

Robots in apartments and houses today will surprise no one. Many people successfully use robotic vacuum cleaners, which are able to clean up independently and practically without human intervention.

Not so long ago, Xiaomi introduced the HUTT DDC55 device to the market. It is an indispensable tool for cleaning:

  1. Glass and facade systems;
  2. Mirrors;
  3. Tiled tiles in the kitchen or bathroom.

The robot is extremely easy to use. Every housewife will be able to master the rules of working with him in just a few minutes. Moreover, the operating instructions are presented in a simple and understandable language. But then additional free time will appear, which can be spent on leisure or other useful things.

The main features of the technique

It was already noted above that it is capable of working with any smooth surfaces both inside the apartment and outside. This is facilitated by its small size and light weight. For outdoor use, a special safety cable is included with the robot, which acts as a fall protection. By the way, it can also be used to simply pull the device towards you. 

The gadget is distinguished by a multi-level system for cleaning even the most neglected areas from dirt and plaque. The automation itself determines the degree of contamination and, depending on this, the suction power is set in accordance with one of 5 possible levels.

There is an ARM module inside the robot. Thanks to him, the route of movement is set, which makes the end result more efficient. Accordingly, the final cleanliness will be visible to the naked eye.

The device operates quickly enough to complete processing of one square meter of area on average it takes up to 3 minutes. Agree that this is not much.

Power supply and control The

robot can operate both from the network and in autonomous mode. The first option is appropriate if cleaning takes place inside an apartment or house. Then the device can simply be plugged into the nearest outlet. 

Also Xiaomi HUTT DDC55 has a 650 mAh battery. Fully charged, it can run for 20 minutes. Therefore, this mode is used for outdoor work.

The device can also be controlled in two ways. So, you can use the buttons located directly on the body. The purpose and mode of operation of each of them are detailed in the instructions, and in Russian.

An alternative is the remote control, which is also included and can be connected to the smart home. It is very easy to master quickly by typing all the simple commands. It is also helpful to practice with the remote control first, if desired.

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas A

weak point is traditionally considered to be the corners of the work surface. However, the creators of HUTT DDC55 have found a decent way out.

For putting things in order, 2 rotating discs with microfiber napkins are responsible. Due to the fact that they protrude outside the body of the robot, it was possible to gain access not only to the corners, but also to other problem areas.


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