Simple and clear about the device of wireless video cameras

06 October 2021

Laziness is the engine of progress. Very soon after the invention of various gadgets and electronic devices, people had to deal with the endless untangling of their numerous wires and cords. So wireless equipment began to appear on the world market: headphones, phones, microphones, video cameras.

Why you may need a wireless video camera and what are its distinctive advantages over a conventional camera.

The wireless video camera appealed to the modern consumer, because thanks to this device it became possible to leave the camera in any location, on any surfaces and look after, for example, a small child, a weak sick person or an overly active pet.

Operating characteristics

Such video cameras are not intended for professional or even amateur photo and video shooting, because due to the peculiarities of its technical condition, the quality of the “picture” itself leaves much to be desired, but the consumer does not expect anything else from this video camera, since the essence of its action is completely different. The internal device of the video camera looks something like this:

  • on-board connector designed for SD flash cards with 32 GB or more of memory;
  • wi-fi module;
  • external antenna connected to the Wi-Fi module;
  • UC microcontroller;
  • GK7102S processor;
  • the power stabilizer, which is responsible for the formation of voltage;
  • ULN2803 driver, which is responsible for controlling the operation of the functional pulses of the processor;
  • the video camera itself.

The camera has two stepper motors that allow its unit to freely move horizontally and move vertically. The control pulses of the video camera are somewhat shifted in time, in other words, they contribute to the fact that the functional rotor makes turns and other working movements in space step by step, so that it is easier for the owner of the device to observe and control his activities from his mobile device.


A wireless video camera is a new generation video recording device. With its help, the user will be able to monitor his small child, a pet or a person who is weak in health, even being at a great distance from home, for example, sitting at the workplace. Due to the absence of an excessive ton of various wires and cords, a person can easily change the location of the camera depending on their needs and preferences. Device management is extremely simple and accessible even for the average user. To do this, you just need to install a special application via PlayMarket on your mobile device and enjoy the ease of operation and the ability to fully control the situation. At the moment, wireless video cameras are very popular products on the modern market and are in great demand, and therefore the cost price for them is relatively small.