Useful household appliances for cleaning the house

03 March 2021

In the spring, many of us want to start general cleaning and make the apartment as cozy and clean as possible. But it is a pity to spend time and effort to do it the old-fashioned way with your hands. Household appliances will come to the rescue.

Window Cleaner

Such small devices run on batteries and allow you to clean the windows. But you can also use a vacuum cleaner for washing windows for tiles, mirrors, and furniture surfaces. The complete set from Bosh has several nozzles of different widths.

Judging by the reviews, a full charge will be enough to clean the apartment: wash all the mirrors, windows, clean the bathroom and wash the countertops to a mirror shine.

Convenient vertical vacuum cleaners

Vertical vacuum cleaners are chosen by owners of small apartments. They are well suited for daily cleaning, so they are needed for those who have children and pets at home. You can remove them in any cabinet, so as not to spoil the appearance of the interior.

The most popular model now is the Deerma DX700. A budget option, but quite powerful (although vertical vacuum cleaners often lose in this), easy to manage and light-weight. The set includes brushes for carpets, upholstered furniture and hard surfaces.

Classic large vacuum cleaners

If the apartment requires very frequent cleaning or only after repairs, then it is difficult to cope with vertical vacuum cleaners. They just don’t have enough power to handle the construction debris. Modern vacuum cleaners cope not only with crumbs, but also with liquid. They are needed to maintain order, but it is still better to combine them with a small car or vertical vacuum cleaner. Classic choice: models from Bosh and Karcher. The main thing is to choose the one that will be easy to use and put back.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are a real godsend for busy people. It can be controlled from your smartphone and cleaned at home, even when you are at work. They are needed for daily cleaning of wool, crumbs and dust without human intervention.

Connecting a robot vacuum cleaner with a voice assistant is another brilliant idea of a Smart home. Then you can control the voice and even use the deferred cleaning function “start cleaning in an hour”. Among the robot vacuum cleaners in terms of price-quality ratio, the brand is ideal Xiaomi.

Spray mop

Perfect cleanliness of the house is well maintained by wet cleaning. Therefore, a mop with a spray gun also becomes a must-have purchase for an apartment. In such a mop there is a flask with water, which is sprayed on the floor.

So it is very easy to remove dried stains, and also to remove fine settled dust. Popular model: Deerma Spray Mop TB500, it has a well-controlled nozzle for cleaning in difficult places. Reviews often praise it as an option for daily cleaning.

Steam Mop

The steam mop uses steam as the main cleaning agent, you don’t need to buy detergents to wash the windows, walls and floor. The Ariete steam mop model also offers a set of wipes, attachments and scrapers for universal cleaning. From the list, perhaps the most useful thing for maintaining cleanliness.