Why our Smart House better than others

The other – well, as we have – better!

You rated all the fantastic possibilities of “Smart House”?
Would you like to as soon as possible to turn it into a modern, beautiful, performing any of your wishes house?
What, then left to decide which company to entrust this “transformation.”
We will not say that we are the best.
We just show you how easy and pleasant to work with us.

We are responsible for those who cooperate with us

Once you decide to work with us we will assume full responsibility for the fact that your “smart” house was like this, about which you dream. First, we will advise you on all issues, so you know, that will change in your house and why. The owner is given a personal manager, whose responsibilities include support and advice on the project 24 hours a day.

We will make an estimate, explaining every aspect of it, that you understand what you pay for the money.

You have the ability to control every step of the installation, get answers to all your questions.

After installation is complete, we check it together to make sure the system works the way you want it.

If you have any questions arise, we are always connected and always ready to help you.

Our system of “Smart House” – solid pluses for you

  • High reliability

    Every day in the “smart” house will be comfortable and relaxed. You do not need to worry that the system may stop working suddenly. The thing is that our system of “Smart House” in case of failure of any unit, unlike other systems, “Smart House” continues to work. Because it is based on the architecture of the distributed logic (not some of the main elements, each thinks for itself and solves its task). Therefore, the failure of one unit does not break down the entire system. On the contrary, the system will detect damage and take appropriate action.

    And these vital systems, such as food, heating duplicated. When you disconnect, such as electricity, they run on batteries.

  • Manage all functions without exception – with one panel

    Our system of “Smart House” features allows you to control any house with a single panel. Do not need different panels in order to activate or turn off the lights, switch channel, open or close blinds, adjust the air conditioning. All this can be done using a single system and a single control panel. This opportunity is not offered very many companies. We – among them, but we are also very reasonable and flexible pricing. All for your comfort and convenience.

    Plus, we offer to automate even the most sophisticated resources at house: air conditioning, heating, etc.

  • Any changes and additions – without prejudice to the operation of the system

    Replacement of any block element of the system or its expansion is carried out without shutting down the system performance, “Smart House”. You will be fully 24 hours a day to enjoy all the features of the system, but meantime we will work on its expansion.

  • Only the best and highest quality components

    You forget that the system must be constantly maintained, change any components. Thanks to high-tech components of the highest quality no problems with the system will not. She will oversee the smooth operation of each element.

    For example, our system uses high-performance Cortex-M3 processor firm ARM – the world leader in microprocessors for embedded systems. These processors have low power consumption, so the system works rationally involve their resources with maximum efficiency and not “eat” a lot of electricity.

  • Super modern touchscreen panels from Apple

    The system is “Smart House” will become for you a real pleasure. Because for this we set the-art, reliable touch screen panel firm Apple – the world leader in computer technology. The panel has the best design, easy to use interface, to understand instructions that even a child can. Touch the panel – a pleasure, really fascinating challenge.

  • Any your fantasy to us by virtue of

    You can fantasize endlessly to think of themselves and those elements which should include a system in your house. If even on our list this is not possible, we can add it for you. We can adapt and modify the functions you need, trying to satisfy your desires, because “Smart House” must be really smart, capable of almost any action.

  • Fits perfectly into the interior

    The system does not violate the existing interior of your house, it only complements and makes it more functional, more comfortable and more modern.

  • Prices will be pleasantly surprised

    You will not be disappointed when the
    find out the price of our system and its installation. On the contrary you want to get her house as soon as possible. When quite affordable price you get a perfect quality.

With us is so easy to make the house bright and obedient. Our system will impress you with its functionality and almost limitless possibilities.
Call and see for yourself. Stop just dreaming, it’s time to dream. And we’ll help you with this.
Take a step towards “Clever House”.