Why you should live in a smart home

03 May 2021

When the future owners decide to build a house, already at the initial stage there is a need to make a choice: is it worth investing in an intelligent construction system? To solve this problem correctly, I will tell you what exactly the term “smart home” includes, namely, how and why you should choose smart solutions?

The term “smart home” has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. It is interchangeable with the “smart” installation, home automation and home appliance control system.

Before the “smart home” appeared on the technology market, each installation was responsible for performing a specific task. The more electronic accessories appeared in the house, the more difficult it became to manage each of them individually. A personal remote control for each device created a bulkiness, which was especially noticeable for the owners of large objects.

Why a house is considered smart

Any modern home includes many devices and installations of new technologies. Humanity does not stand still, one thing succeeds another. Home lighting or ventilation, a basic alarm system or a heating boiler with automation, electronic blinds – each device has become a technological solution that performs a lot of different tasks.

If we compare the “smart home” with them, then it is a system that includes all household installations and electronics. The system, which has the correct programming, quickly reacts to the occurrence of emergency situations without the participation of the owner.

The main advantages of the ” smart home”

All the advantages of a “smart home” are divided into several areas:

this is security;
this is a low operating cost;
this is multifunctional.

The smart system is well suited for daily activities. For example, for walking around the house at night.

When changing the room, the Smart Home will apply the following elements::

motion sensors;
lighting systems;
ventilation system;
heating system.

When the owner crosses the threshold, the system will be informed by the sensor of his presence, automatically set the light intensity, increase the air flow in the desired room. Thanks to these reasonable actions, the cost of heating and electricity will be significantly reduced. Empty rooms that are not used will not be lit, and ventilation and heating will operate in a limited mode. The system can expand and change, each sensor or detector will get its own task or sequence of tasks.

If twenty years ago, the implementation of the project, called “smart home” seemed an impossible dream, today everyone can automate any household task, making their stay in the house safe and even economical. There is a special equipment aimed at the implementation of such projects.

Therefore, we can firmly say that modern home automation solutions allow you to create abstract solutions. And this is not a fantasy, they are already actively working!