Security option in the “smart home” system»

03 March 2021

The “Smart Home” system is now increasingly in demand. This is an open automated system that includes the capabilities of monitoring, monitoring and controlling equipment, as well as notification in special cases.

The functionality of the smart home system is pre-programmed to perform certain parameters, for example, to turn on or off the heater when a certain level of temperature in the room is reached. One of the important functions is the possibility of different ways to respond in the event of an emergency. For example, it will prevent an emergency situation by informing about it with a sound or light signal, if necessary, it will block pipelines or send a signal to the service organization. The set of options included in the system is set by each user at their own discretion. Each property owner chooses the parameters based on the personal significance of the functions.

Smart security systems

An important aspect in the life of any person is the safety of the environment. With the help of the security system of the house, the owner of the house is guaranteed peace of mind even in the event of his departure and stay in the house.

The smart home system includes the following basic functionality:

control of entry and access to the territory, house or apartment;
the ability to broadcast online on the Internet from a video surveillance camera;
ability to call security.

Reliable entrance gates, doors and windows can provide control and protection of an apartment or house. A functional security system will help to create on the basis of a programmable relay ARIES PR100, to the inputs and outputs of which you can connect various sensors. Modern sensors will instantly respond to movement or opening of doors.

In the event of unauthorized persons entering through the door or window, a signal will be sent to the programmable relay PR100. The program activates all alarm levels and alerts – the siren and lighting will turn on… In this case, notifications are sent to the mobile device of the property owner via the corresponding selected service.

It can perform a direct impact of the programmable relay on the actuators and turn on the siren or lighting in all rooms, which is very convenient in the presence of web cameras.

In order to prevent the intrusion attempt, the smart home system is able to simulate the presence of the owners. In this case, the lights will turn on in different rooms, and turn off at nightfall, leaving the lights on duty. In the morning, the lights will turn on again, and it will feel like there are people in the house all the time.

With the help of the Smart Home system, you can remotely monitor the state of real estate using a remote control, a mobile device connected to the Internet. This allows the owners to always be calm and aware of the condition of the apartment or house during their absence.