Smart Home System Options

05 December 2021

The smart home system has many functions, but some options are in the greatest demand. No private house can do without these solutions, because they are in demand.

Climate control

The comfortable temperature of not only the ambient air, but also the floor is the basis of comfort. At the same time, it is important that the local air and floor temperature settings are independent of each other. The underfloor heating is adjusted according to the desired temperature for the feet, and the ambient air is adjusted according to a separate system.

There are three ways to configure the system:

  • output to the panel of the built-in thermostat, which is located in the room;

  • a thermostat with Wi-Fi, which is controlled by an application on the phone;

  • management is tied to the overall smart home system.

Such a system controls air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

Automatic curtain opening

If there are several floors and high ceilings in a private house, then opening the curtains takes a lot of time and effort if you do it manually. The smart home system allows you to program the opening of curtains by the light sensor or by pressing a button.

In the absence of such an option, you will have to hire a special person for a large house.

Built-in vacuum cleaner

Since wireless technologies are now developed, not everyone sees the benefit of having a wireless vacuum cleaner option. But in fact, this is a very useful thing, especially if there are allergies in the family. Fine dust in a conventional vacuum cleaner remains even with the best filters, and the built-in equipment sucks out all the dust and throws it outside. It is necessary to install it at the level of finishing the house. At the same time, this option is not necessary for all users.

Seamless WiFi

Not everyone knows what this function is. It provides a stable signal both in the house and on the site, regardless of the number of access points, concrete floors and other obstacles. If necessary, you can install cellular amplifiers.

Access control system

This option is responsible for the security of the house and for ensuring that only strictly defined people can enter it. There is no need to take keys with you, because the house provides access by fingerprint, special code or card.

IP intercom

This option allows you to receive any call directly to your phone, even if you are not at home. At the same time, in a special application, you can open the door without being nearby.


There is nothing unexpected in this option for the consumer. The alarm system, which is left overnight, is triggered by unauthorized intervention. The basic principle of operation is the overlap of all openings (windows, doors, garage sections,

If the house is large and assumes a separate room for staff, then the option can offer two separate circuits and when the owners leave, the staff will be completely deprived of the opportunity to enter the main territory.

The smart home system allows you to systematize a huge number of small options and brings the functioning of the house into a single whole.


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