Maintenance and service of Smart home

You have already chosen the project and want to know how the maintenance of the Smart Home will be carried out?

We understand how important it is to find the house you dreamed of. It is equally important to get a quality service smart home. This will allow you to experience all the advantages of its installation, enjoy the comfort of using its capabilities, feel safe.

How it all happens

Since the contract was signed, SmartHouse assumes all responsibility for the implementation of the project according to your wishes. Specialists together with you:

  • create a project;
  • install hardware;
  • carry out the installation.

Then, together with you, they check the functioning of the whole complex and each unit separately. Just making sure that everything works in the normal mode, we complete the work.

Then begins the maintenance of systems Smart Home. All units and devices have passed the mandatory certification, the company guarantees their high quality and reliability of the complex.

If, for some reason, one of the blocks fails, the system operating on the principle of distributed logic does not stop working. This is the main difference of the complex developed in our company from similar systems Smart Home. The architecture is created in such a way that each block solves its own problem and does not depend on the functioning of the others. There is no common control node. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown or accident, the system fixes this fact and takes the measures necessary in this situation.

Even in the event of a power outage of the entire house, the complex goes into backup mode. Each system begins to receive power from the batteries.

Our work

Employees of the company will replace any unit, and this will also happen without interrupting the work of the Smart Home. You will still enjoy the comfort of the house, the devices responsible for safety and security will provide peace of mind.
If you are thinking of expanding or changing the functionality, you just need to contact us. After the development of the supplement to the project, the company’s employees will also expand the system in a regular mode, without disconnecting it.

System Capabilities

The Smart Home system, developed by our company, is implemented using ARM microprocessors with high performance and reliability. It works rationally, consuming the minimum amount of electricity. Given these advantages, the Smart Home will serve you for years.

By contacting us, you made the right choice.