Non-trivial ways to protect your dacha from thieves using a smart home

The smart home system allows you to integrate important security-related functions. Not only alarms, but also smoke and humidity sensors and other technical installations can interact with the main module.

The signals included in the system help protect the house from damage, theft, and minimize the consequences of accidental events.
Integration with the alarm system allows you to automatically turn on the light when the alarm sensor detects an intruder and automatically notify the police and security of the object.
Presence simulation and smart lock

When you are away from home, it becomes an attractive target for thieves. The presence simulation feature significantly reduces the risk of unpleasant surprises after returning from vacation. The corresponding module “records” the actions of household members in the period preceding the holiday (in terms of turning on lamps, blinds, music, etc.), and then “reproduces” them.the Effect is very convincing, because it represents real actions that are different every day. You can choose which elements will participate in the simulation to avoid using extra electricity.

An automatic lock with access control recognizes an incoming or outgoing person. After turning the key, it can send signals to other devices, such as turning off all the lights, closing the blinds, or lowering the temperature… Losing the key will not force the owner to change the lock. For this key, it is enough to delete the right to access the house. The lock cannot be opened / closed remotely. However, you can remotely allow (or not) opening with a key.

You can use fully automatic doors with locks that can be opened remotely (or using an access card), as well as respond to the fingerprint of an authorized person.

Smart cameras

Cameras located at important points in the building and outside can transmit images to any smartphone or other device (if family members are concerned). You can also record an image after the camera detects movement.

Smart door lock

A smart doorbell or smart intercom can also be useful. Thieves often call to see if anyone is home. You can answer such a call while you are away from home. A device with a built-in camera can record the caller’s face.

Use a stereo system

Having a smart home, integrate a stereo system or other audio player with security automation. You can play ads to a thief or a dog barking if someone approaches the house while you are away.

Accidentally turning on the light

Set up smart home automation to randomly turn lights on and off while you’re away. Random switching on and off does not mean hard hours of turning on and off the lights.

Door and window opening sensors

Note Windows and doors on the ground floor, in the basement, and possibly on the first floor if access to Windows and doors is possible from the outside.

Install opening sensors on Windows and doors on the ground floor, in the basement, and possibly on the first floor. You don’t need to use the opening sensor if there is a motion sensor at the entrance.