How accessible is the Smart Home system?

03 March 2021

The very name “Smart House” is a literal translation of the English name Smart House. There is hardly a person who has never heard these names in his life. Even if there are, every year there are fewer of them, as more and more people install the Smart Home system in their homes.

What is a Smart Home system?

The term itself refers to the automation of home life. All electrical appliances and appliances are combined into one system, which is convenient to manage with the help of a special program. It is enough for a person to set certain settings and enjoy comfort.

Even 20 years ago, it was difficult to imagine something like this in a house or apartment. In the recent past, about 5 years ago, the system could already be installed in a home, but the high price stopped many consumers.

Now almost anyone can afford a” smart home”, as there are many large manufacturers competing with each other for this market. A significant reduction in the cost of production has led to the mass equipping of apartments and houses with the considered systems.

What are the “Smart Home” systems?

When a person chooses a particular system, they are required to choose the connection standard. Elements that are connected using different standards are usually incompatible. There are several connection standards.

KNX Protocol

This system is widely used in Western Europe. The main drawback is the high cost due to the factor of connecting with cables. It is recommended to install this system only in large buildings, offices and enterprises, in order to get the perfect value for money.

ZigBee Protocol

The system is characterized by the following points:

very popular, since you do not need to lay cables to connect;
the ability to combine all the equipment using Wi-Fi, as well as installed applications on a computer, smartphone or tablet;
the ability to connect more than 60 thousand different devices;
the inability to combine the system elements with other manufacturers.

On the trading platforms, you can meet a huge number of manufacturers-from well-known brands to completely new companies.

Z-Wawe Protocol

In terms of popularity, the protocol is comparable to the previous system, but there is a huge advantage, which is that it is possible to combine elements from different manufacturers. Elements that run on the protocol can be used as a replacement.

One of the disadvantages is the high cost of each individual element. Most of the products are supplied to the market by well-known brands, so the price for each item will be higher than that of ZigBee devices.

Summing up a peculiar result, we can say that the KNX protocol is rarely installed in ordinary houses or apartments. The reason is the high cost. The choice remains between the ZigBee and Z-Wawe protocols. The elements of the first one will cost less, but the second one has the advantage of device compatibility. Each person will be able to choose a suitable solution based on their budget and preferences.