What are modern smart home systems capable Of

A smart home is a set of devices that are controlled by a single device.this system provides fire and security protection. Put together as one, multiple devices work as they are launched, using a remote control, PC, IPad, or smartphone.

Feature of system

Thanks to this system, it is easier to cope with many everyday difficulties, the life of the inhabitants of such a house becomes cozy, calm and comfortable, and the house pleases even after a hard day’s work. At the same time, do not forget about such an important component as fire safety, in the event of a fire, a call is sent to the fire service or sprayers installed on the ceiling are turned on.

To ensure maximum comfort and ease of operation of various devices, Modern mimisystems devices have been released. Management is carried out by connecting to the Internet.

What devices can be connected

All devices that receive power from the electrical network work with this system:

kitchen stoves;
cooling unit;
music centre;
heating device;
and much more.

These devices are controlled using an IPad or smartphone, and the compatible device that is responsible for managing them can be located at a far distance. The Smart Home system works by connecting a remote control or using a voice command.

To buy a Smart home system, you will have to spend a decent amount, but it pays for itself over a long period, because it saves time and reduces the cost of electricity and heating.

Security system

In the case of fraud, the system “Smart house” will call the police to lock Windows and doors. And immediately sends a message to the owner of the house on a smartphone or computer.

The system also operates in the event of a fire, all Windows and doors are opened, and residents are sent evacuation plans from the premises. At the same time, the fire service is notified and water spray sensors are activated, if they are installed.

Cost of the Smart home system

When announcing the full cost of the service, all devices that will be managed by the system are considered. These sections include the following services:

The road to the bathroom and toilet is illuminated at the moment when a person is walking along this path.
Pets are fed in containers for feeding according to the established schedule.
All TVs and computers are turned on only at the set time, in the Smart home control menu.
Before you go to bed, the room warms up to a comfortable temperature, you can also set this function at the cottage (remote control).
Turning on the coffee maker and electric kettle according to the schedule.
System installation

For everyone who needs comfort at home, MimiSystems will design and install the MimiSmart smart home system. To calculate the cost of equipment and work, you need a house project or design project.