Multiroom in a Smart home. What is a multiroom?

Multiroom is another unique feature of a Smart home that allows you to increase the level of personal comfort and develop the level of leisure.

Multiroom in a Smart home

Multiroom combines all Hi-fi audio and video materials into a single system. A distinctive feature and maximum convenience of this function is that it does not require a huge number of wires, speakers, amplifiers and other materials. After all, all the apartments of the system are laid in the walls of the room, the acoustic systems in turn look like small Windows. It is thanks to this arrangement that the illusion of sound “out of nowhere”is created. At the same time, the sound quality, frequency and absence of noise-pleases even the most strict music lovers.

Range of system features
Manage video and audio materials independently in all rooms of the room;
Using a single source for all rooms;
On and off functions, sound adjustment function;
Select whether to play video or audio material in all rooms separately or together;
Automatic mute during a phone call or intercom notification;
Voicing even those rooms where safety requirements do not allow its presence.
The control panel allows you to not only manually turn down or add sound, but also put the recording on repeat, rewind, etc.;
The presence of a Multiroom audio server that allows you to store multiple recordings on your hard disk;
Connection to the fire safety system, so in the event of a disaster, the alarm sound will be played in all rooms of the room.

Of course, this is not all the features of the Multiroom. For example, for a Multiroom, it is also possible to create work scenarios.

Multiroom scenarios
Party-simultaneous with the broadcast of musical compositions in all rooms;
Enabling ringtones or a specific TV channel at a specific time;
Automatic sound control-for example, the law does not allow noise in residential areas after 22:00, so you can set a mode that will automatically reduce the volume of sounds at this time;
Tracking sound – the transition of a melody from one room to another depending on the movement of a person;
A pleasant melody in the morning instead of the annoying alarm call;
Lullaby song when the light is turned off in the children’s room;
Light music accompaniment, such as opening curtains or turning on a lamp.
Structure of this system

The basis of the Multiroom system is the processor-controller. It is installed in any room at will, it is to it that the control signal receiver is connected. The receiver signal is delivered to all rooms using low-current cables-they are arranged in the walls and masked by false panels. Zonal media with a different number of built-in amplifiers are also installed in the premises. Touch-sensitive or push-button control panels are used to control the entire system. These panels can be arranged for all Smart home systems, or separately for a Multiroom.