Best Smart home scenario

The Smart home system allows the customer to feel as comfortable as possible in their home. Many scenarios have been developed and each of them meets the individual needs of the client. In this article, you will review the most popular options for Smart home scenarios.

Scenario ” Night”

It involves the instant transfer of a house or apartment to night mode. It starts automatically, manually, or at a certain time. Everything depends on the desire of the owners.

This scenario assumes:

Availability of night energy saving, thanks to the transfer of housing systems in this mode;
A comfortable and pleasant transition to sleep;
Providing passive security.
Night power saving mode

It involves disabling electric Underfloor heating, all lights and air conditioners, heating devices in the rooms, if there is no one in the rooms.

Comfortable sleep mode

To sleep safely, you need to ensure a comfortable level of light, individual sound, optimal temperature and humidity in the bedroom.

Screenplay ” Kino”

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this scenario can be used not only in the cinema room, but also in any other room.


Dim lighting. Relaxing and smooth transition;
Electric lines automatically close the curtains;
The ventilation starts working noiselessly;
After turning on the projector, the necessary equipment starts working. Then the screen goes down and you are immersed in the atmosphere of a charming movie.

While watching the movie, you continue to control the situation. Thanks to your smartphone, you can access the functions of access to the intercom, camera images. You can also monitor air quality and get energy consumption data.

The “Invasion” Scenario”

Every owner wants his home to be completely safe. Naturally, you can install motion sensors and video surveillance cameras. Specialists of the security company will immediately respond to the signal and come. But, while they react and will be on the way, attackers will be able to fairly ” clean” the apartment. Such a significant disadvantage is corrected, thanks to a specially thought-out scenario.

When the alarm is triggered, this scenario is automatically activated. Let’s say that the motion sensors, the presence effect, or the glass broke, then the apartment will turn on a simulated siren, dog barking, explosions, automatic bursts, and so on. Moreover, the lighting is starting to work actively. Flashing lights are noticed by neighbors. Steam appears in the house and it becomes impossible to see anything. Not every thief can handle such a serious “attack”.

It is easy and easy to choose the right scenario for yourself. The main thing is to determine what effect you want to achieve. Their set. This article covers only the most interesting and popular smart home scenarios. There are scenarios “Vacation”, “Guests”, “Hurricane”, “energy Saving”.