What should be a smart home – 5 trends of 2021

The modern world is developing dynamically. Literally every day, there are new technologies that radically change the perception of familiar things. Developers and scientists are trying to simplify our daily lives by surprising us with innovative features. Many people have a difficult problem of choosing the best solutions to improve their home.

The “smart home” system is the presence of various types of technological attributes that perform various functions in the same network. Most accessories work in sync as well as automatically. The device can be controlled using voice commands, or via a mobile app. Creating comfort in the home is a key parameter.

Advantages of having a “smart home” system»:

simplify routine tasks;
enhanced security;
save energy and money;
improved spending of free time.
Voice Assistant

When it comes to voice control, the presence of smart speakers immediately comes to mind. They will facilitate the search for information, remind you of upcoming events. Huge corporations are embedding voice assistants by default in all modern devices for the home. For example, a home attribute will help you turn on the light in the morning, without leaving a warm bed, and also open the curtains. At the moment, companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon offer a huge selection of smart speaker models. Their price depends on the number of performing functions.

Ensuring home security

The “smart system” will protect the home from both fire and “uninvited guests”. There are various sensors that monitor the movement or level of smoke, heat. The principle of operation is that with minimal distortion of microwave rays, the device instantly triggers, notifying the owner. If a fire occurs, the device turns on the extinguishing system and smoke removal fan, and also sends a signal to the fire department.

Energy saving

Smart-system for energy saving will relieve you of the responsibility of tracking the meter readings. In the event of an emergency, the device will turn off all electrical appliances by sending an alert to your smartphone in advance. All energy is used with maximum efficiency.

Smart IP surveillance

One of the international companies “EZVIZ” has released the world’s first dual-lens cameras containing artificial intelligence algorithms. This device responds to movement and helps to recognize a person’s face, car registration number. Their functionality also includes recording and playback of voice messages. At night, high-tech cameras automatically adjust the brightness of infrared LEDs to produce high-quality and clear images.

Smart Router

The ideal operation of the smart home system will be provided by a Smart router. Because it is this device that will allow you to centralize the management of your devices. One of these devices was released by Samsung, which contains all the necessary wireless protocols in its database.